Friday 28 December 2018


Haha - reading plans for a whole year, when I can't stay on track for more than a book, maybe two before getting my head turned by something else. Oh well..

1. Finish an intended TBR Mountain reading challenge that's been on the sidebar since 2014

2. Ditto a USA State reading challenge. I've probably read more than half the states in the country but am too idle to keep things up to date. I would like to finish it in 2019.

3. Complete a Canadian reading challenge that I started with the best of intentions earlier this year.

4. Catch up with my wife and son - I'm a list of books behind on the sidebar.

5. Ditto - an author catch up list.... Charlie Stella, Anthony Neil Smith, Michael Connelly to mention a few

6. Try and complete several book series I started running through some years ago, at a pace of one a month before getting distracted - Matt Scudder by Lawrence Block, Travis McGee by John D. MacDonald, Elvis Cole by Robert Crais, Quarry by Max Allan Collins and Nameless by Bill Pronzini.

7. Do the Aussie Author Challenge over at Booklover Book Reviews site

8. Participate in the 2019 European Reading Challenge run by Rose City Reader, aiming for at least 12 countries in the year.

9. More blog related than reading - finish cataloguing my books - the physical ones at least. I've taken a two year breather since logging TUB EIGHTY-FIVE in October 2016. I think there's about another 14 to go!

The library in the old house

I might try and log the books on the kindle as well for a sense of completism. Plus I have another programme that stores books on the laptop.

10. Try and keep on top of any freebies/review copies that might come my way.

11. Stop browsing Net Galley and Edelweiss early reviewer sites. The world won't end if I don't get my hands on every new crime fiction book published!

12. Stop buying books

13. Stop buying books

14. Stop buying books

15. Try and catch up on the TV and Film backlog listed.

16. Oh and lose some weight you porky git.


17. 120 yearly reading target as per usual

18. Read more female authors than in 2018


  1. I give you a lot of credit, Col, for working on those challenges, including the challenge to stop buying books. For me, anyway, they are so very tempting... I know just what you mean, too, about sorting through the books you do have. I should have a better system for that, myself...

    1. Margot, I hope to achieve at least half the goals I've set for myself. If I can make progress on them all I will be happy. Looking forward to some great reading in 2019 for the both of us!

  2. You are tempting me with some of those challenges, Col. I did the European Challenge this year and really enjoyed the books I read for it and will be doing it in 2019. And you have plenty of good books that fit.

    And I should join you on the "Stop buying books" goal.

    One of my goals is to review more of the books I read in the year. I have gotten behind on that. Whether life in the next year lets that happen (too much work and stress at work being the biggest issue) or not, I will try harder.

    1. I would like to clear some of the lingering sidebar crap off the blog Tracy, but just don't want to delete it, plus actually complete a challenge or two - new or old. And definitely cut down on the buying books as well.

      Hopefully 2019 is less stressful work-wise and you can blog more.

  3. Ambitious or what? Especially #s 12, 13 and 14 . . .

    1. Aha, I see you picked up on the most challenging ones!


  4. Col, a reading challenge, even a solitary one, is too much of a challenge for me. I'd never be able to keep up. My goal for 2019 and thereafter is to simply read more books (especially since the last few years have been a downer) and maybe read to a target, say, about 75 books a year and take it from there. By the way, is that really your library? It looks more like a warehouse of books — amazing!

    1. Prashant, I do like challenges, though I'm not very good at staying on top of them. The photo is off the book tubs in the old house. When I get around to recommencing my logging I'll post a new one. They are in 9 rows x 11 high in our garage, which is my man cave-cum-library-cum-office.

  5. This was hilarious and fascinating. I don't tend to do challenges (though am still filling in my Century of Books from a couple of years ago: only a few to go, so look out in 2022), but I so agree with the 'stop buying books' and stop getting random review copes from Netgalley.

    I was very impressed by your month of woman writers - might you do that again?

    1. I remember having a chat about doing a century of books, so well done. I see Rich never returned to his monthly feature, or at least I don't think he has?? I'd like to do another female month, as I know some of the books I'm intended to read will be very lop-sided gender-wise.