Saturday 2 June 2018


Ha - May was the crappiest reading month in a long while. New house - with DIY and gardening duties disrupting me no end. At least a lot of the jobs accomplished are one time only thingies - so I remain optimistic that June sees some natural order returning to my favourite leisure activity.

3 books read in the month, though 4 on the go are simultaneously - nearly finished, almost finished, barely started and about halfway.

No 5 STAR read in the month, but if I had to choose one to read again it would be Ian Ayris and One Day in the Life of Jason Dean

The three were.....

Ian Ayris - One Day in the Life of Jason Dean (2012) (4.5)

Nanci Rathbun - Cash Kills (2014) (3)

Chris Roy - Her Name is Mercie (2018) (4)

More trivia for my own amusement ....

3 reads from 3 different authors,

2 of the 3 were new-to-me authors, Chris Roy and Nanci Rathbun

Gender analysis -  2 male authors, 1 female

3 authors read, 1 is English, 2 hail from the US,

All 3 of the reads were fiction - 2 novels - maybe 1 novel and a novella and a collection of short stories.

All of the books were published in this decade ....1 from 2018, 1 from 2014, 1 from 2012 -  a familiar cry - whatever happened to me reading older books?

One of the reads were pre-owned. The other two - one came from the author and one from a publicist, as part of a blog tour I signed up to.

Favourite cover? Chris Roy's Her Name is Mercie

Second favourite – One Day in the Life of Jason Dean from Ian Ayris

My reads were this long 108 - 261 - 164

Total page count = 533 (1022 in April)....... a near 500 page decrease

2 were Kindle reads, and 1 was a PDF file

0 < 50,
0 between 51 < 100,
2 between 101 < 200,
1 between 201 < 300,
0 between 301 < 400,
0  > 400 pages

Nanci Rathbun  and Cash Kills was the longest read at 261 pages

Jason Dean's One Day in the Life of Jason Dean was the shortest at 108 pages long

By definition Chris Roy was the middliest!


  1. I give you credit for going on with your reading in the face of the move, and of the projects that always go with moving, Col. Glad you found a few things to like, and I hope next month will be less hectic for you.

    1. Thank you Margot. I think we've turned a corner in respect of settling in, so fingers crossed

  2. Luv'd Chris Roy's cover too! I was on his blog tour in April. Wild read!

    Happy New house!

    1. Cheers Lisa. When I get caught up on things, I'll check out your Roy post!

  3. Moving house doesn't fit in with doing ANYTHING else - I think you did well to read 3! I'm sure you'll take in more in the coming months.

    1. Agreed and thanks, I certainly hope so!

  4. Sorry your reading slowed down while working on the house. But you have better months to look forward to.

    1. Thanks - better months ahead, I'm sure!