Tuesday 12 June 2018


A couple from Michael Wiley this week, another author I've yet to try....

Wiley has written seven books so far. Three in his Joe Kozmarski series and three in his Detective Daniel Turner series. These two are one and three in the Turner series.

His latest book, Monument Road (2017) features Franky Dast - so may have seen the commencement of another three-fer.

The Last Striptease won him the Private Eye Writers of America and St. Martin's Press prize for best first private eye novel in 2006.

His full list is....

Joe Kozmarski
1. Last Striptease (2007)
2. The Bad Kitty Lounge (2010)
3. A Bad Night's Sleep (2011)

Detective Daniel Turner Mystery
1. Blue Avenue (2014)
2. Second Skin (2015)
3. Black Hammock (2016)

Franky Dast
1. Monument Road (2017)

Michael Wiley's website is here.
He's on Twitter@mwileyauthor

Blue Avenue (2014)

Introducing homicide detective Daniel Turner and his troubled friend 'BB' in the first of this atmospheric crime noir series.

Summoned by his old friend, homicide detective Daniel Turner, to identify the trussed-up, naked body of a woman, found wrapped in cellophane amongst a pile of garbage on Blue Avenue, a down-at-heel area of Jacksonville, Florida, businessman William Byrd or 'BB' is in for a shock. He recognises the dead woman as Belinda Mabry, the girl with whom he spent an intense and passionate summer twenty-five years before. What's more, as Daniel informs him, she's the third victim to have met such a hideously gruesome end. Determined to find out what happened to Belinda Mabry and where she'd been for the past twenty-five years, BB must revisit his own troubled past - and discover more than he ever really wanted to know about the woman he once loved. But his investigations are causing serious ripples amongst prominent members of the local community. Has BB found himself on a road of no return?

Black Hammock (2016)

Homicide detective Daniel Turner revisits an 18-year-old unsolved case in the third of this intriguing and atmospheric crime noir series.

We had set out from Atlanta to kill my mother and her husband. A slow kill.

Oren has returned to the family home he last saw when he was eight years old. Eighteen years later, he is bent on an elaborate scheme of revenge.

Homicide detective Daniel Turner was never able to forget the unsolved case, the disappearance of Amon Jakobsen all those years ago. Convinced the man was murdered, he was never able to prove it.

Now he has returned to the isolated house on Black Hammock Island following reports of a disturbance. Is this his chance to find out what really happened to Amon eighteen years before? And will he be in time to prevent history repeating itself?


  1. These do sound like atmospheric, noir stories, Col. The settings appeal to me, too, and Turner's character sounds interesting. I'll be interested in what you think of these.

    1. Margot, I'm looking forward to something by Wiley soon and hope to come back with a positive report.

  2. Those look fun. I'll be interested to learn in due course how you get along with Kozmarski's work.

  3. I like it when an author has shorter series about the same character. They don't get too old and familiar.

    1. I hadn't really thought about it, Tracy but two series of three seem less daunting than one of six!