Saturday 7 March 2015


Second month of the new year and still the library grows, though I can say hand on heart that I never spent a penny on books in February. And neither did I dip into my Amazon voucher and reduce the balance there.

I did see a couple of interesting freebies on Amazon and I did get a couple over on Net Galley and I did get a few from generous publishers and we had a friend who was having a bit of a clear-out and she thought I'd like a couple of books she was otherwise binning and with Valentines Day in the middle of the month, my wife knows nothing is more romantic to my good self than the present of a new book - along with a nice dinner for two, err four (we couldn't get rid of two of the children).

All in all, I'm totally blameless and my conscience is clear......

Seventh Street offering!

Interesting blurb..........
Daniel O'Neal lives a very normal life. He drives a bus for a living in a sleepy English countryside town, and enjoys the mediocrity of his daily routine. But on a trip to London, while enjoying a quiet drink with a friend, he notices a code of numbers on his mobile phone screen, and not for the first time. When Daniel returns home, he begins to notice an increasingly common malfunction with his electronic devices, as his laptop begins to develop the same quirk. Suddenly, his world undergoes a paradigm shift. It starts with subtle responses and giggles at work and in public. Daniel becomes increasingly paranoid, and certain that something is out of the ordinary, yet he cannot prove it. Before long, he believes himself to be under an assault on his being. Is there something more playing with him than just his mind? Is there an organised attack on his psyche, and if there is, can Daniel find the strength to endure the attack.

Interested in seeing the finished book, as  well as reading the ARC.

Seventh Street again!

Brash Books - Jack Lynch series book!


Probably the best cover - Amazon freebie!

Neo-Noir offering!

Recommended to me, as better than the boat book! Gutenburg freebie.

House of Cards author!

Crime/thriller series - UK author

How romantic - my Valentine's Day present.
Maybe March will be quieter...


  1. Col, these are some additions to your library! Can't really put a finger to any one. The covers of some of these books are fantastic. Do these become part of Tub 22 or do they go further down the tub-line? I don't think March will be quieter!

  2. Col - You did get some interesting-looking books there! And personally, I don't see that any TBR blame can attach to you. You're perfectly innocent in this whole thing from my perspective :-). I'll be keen to know what you think of these.

    1. Glad to hear a supporting view that none of this is my fault!

  3. Glen got the Dave Stanton book (when you recommended it). Sounds interesting. Other than that I will have to wait and see what you think of them. I have not done so well. I have bought lots of books lately.

    1. Tracy, glad to hear I'm not the only one struggling with control issues!

  4. Do you think one month you will have a blog post title 'Additions to the library in...' - and then a BLANK PAGE? No, I didn't think so either.
    The one called Yesterday is Dead has Seattle on the front cover - always a come-on for me, because we used to live there.

    1. That has crossed my mind....maybe one month later this year. It won't be March though!