Tuesday, 24 March 2015


I’m unsure how I discovered Jon A. Jackson or his books, I think I maybe saw a comparison to Charles Willeford and then…..BOOM …….oh this guy has a ten book series set in and around Detroit, let’s buy most if not all of them and then kind of forget about them and never read them. (The sort of thing I used to do more frequently in the past.)

Jackson’s 10 book Detective Mulheisen series was published between 1977 and 2004. I expect I will snag the first when I log it and make a start soon after, as they have been gathering dust for a fair few years now.

Jon A. Jackson grew up in Northern Michigan and Detroit. He appears to be a bit of a jazz aficionado and co-hosts a show on Montana Public Radio, though I’m insure how up-to-date his website is. In his biography piece on his site, he kinds of marks episodes in his life by the vehicle he was driving at the time. Must be a Detroit thing!

His website is here.

The full list of Mulheisen books (courtesy of Fantastic Fiction) is as follows:

1. The Diehard (1977)
2. The Blind Pig (1979)
3. Grootka (1990)
4. Hit on the House (1993)
5. Deadman (1994)
6. Dead Folks (1996)
7. Man With an Axe (1998)
8. La Donna Detroit (2000)
9. Badger Games (2001)
10. No Man's Dog (2004)

Hit on the House

Whether working alone or with his sometime colleague Grootka, Mulheisen takes on the violent cases that lie in the darkest heart of urban Detroit. Mulheisen is investigating a string of mob slayings, when a former schoolmate comes back into the picture--along with her wretched, inexplicable little husband. And Mulheisen thinks they're somehow connected to the killings.

La Donna Detroit

Mob princess Helen Sedlacek was last seen heading west with millions in Mafia cash and the scalp of its godfather. Her successor wasted no time in hunting her down. Now he has welcomed her back into
the fold and offered her a reconciliation.


  1. Interesting these have Deteroit as the setting Col. I like the idea of that context. And a ten-book series means that if one does get hooked on it, one can reasonably catch up on it. Thanks - this is an author I've not (yet) met, and it's good to know about his work.

    1. Margot, hopefully I can better inform you of his style, once I have read a couple...this year, next year....not too long I hope!

  2. Col, another new author and series, and a Detroit setting should make these novels interesting to read.

  3. Ok, interesting, and I think La Donna Detroit is a fabulous title. A definite maybe.

    1. Definitely maybe....that would make a great album title.....oh hang on

  4. This is an American mystery author I have never heard of. The Detroit setting should be different and I like that the first book was written in 1977. He sounds like an interesting person.

    1. I'll aim for the first this year - maybe Rich's year will be 1977 one month. Yes, he has led an interesting life, quite a candid bio.