Sunday 3 November 2013


October was a great reading month with 14 books in all completed.

I'm slipping back into old bad habits though, as only 1 was penned by a female.

I read my first non-fiction book since the beginning of the year; the book Unpeople had been haunting me for a while, having been in the side pocket of the driver's door for about 9 months - a poor choice for the car!

Jim Thompson's Rip-Off was disappointing, but I will be back for more from him. Bruen's Purgatory, I enjoyed more, but still kind of felt flat about it. Preston's Dark City Blue was the other so-so read, hopefully his second book will be better.

8 of the 14 were all new authors to me. All enjoyable and I will look for more from most of them, particularly the dynamic duo from Scotland - Mackay and McIlvanney.

Unusually only 4 were set on my favourite crime playground -the USA! Mark Haskell Smith's Raw was probably the favourite from this bunch, even though Mosley, Robinson and Ziskin all scored the same.

Joint books of the month again as I can't split the two top reads. Step into the spotlight please; Malcolm Mackay and Leif G.W. Persson!

Jim Thompson - The Rip-Off (2)

Malcolm Mackay - The Necessary Death Of Lewis Winter (5)

Carolyn Hart - Brave Hearts (3)

Liam McIlvanney - Where The Dead Men Go  (4)

Mark Haskell Smith - Raw (4)

Mark Curtis - Unpeople (3)

Michael Robotham - Bombproof (4)

Thatcher Robinson - White Ginger (4)

Jason J.R, Gaskell - Darkling Light (4)

Walter Mosley - Devil In A Blue Dress (4)

James W. Ziskin - Styx & Stone (4)

Luke Preston - Dark City Blue (3)

Leif G.W. Persson - He Who Kills The Dragon (5)

Ken Bruen - Purgatory (3)

Kerrie at Mysteries in Paradise collates crime bloggers monthly summaries over here.
Please pay her blog a visit to pick up some great reading hints.

Roll on November!


  1. I am in the process of doing my monthly summary. I didn't read as much as you but I did read more than what I did in September so going in the right direction, eh? Looks like a great reading month for you so good job.

    1. Keishon thanks, hopefully you stay on an upward curve this month!

  2. Col - You've got a nice list here, and I respect what you're trying to do to expand your reading. And I'm not surprised you chose the Persson as your co-book of the month. He's very talented.

    1. Margot thanks. Hopefully November is as fruitful - it's started fairly well!

  3. I tired to score a free copy of Raw after reading your review, but I was turned down. Insulted! Can it be that they think a clothes blog isn't the place for their hardcore book....?

    1. Moira, I'm disappointed as I was really looking forward to hearing your take on it, perhaps it can go on your Christmas list?

  4. Col, I am going to have to reveal my envy that you can read AND review 14 books in one month. An interesting and varied list in October. I have planned to read only female authors in October but got sidetracked. Five out of eight books was better than usual.

    1. Tracy thanks. I don't think I'm quite ready to try and tackle an all female month, maybe in another year's time! I'm working on it.

  5. Some day my list of books read, in terms of crime-fiction variety, is going to look like yours. That's a good line-up.

    1. Prashant thanks. I'll keep checking in on you to chart your progress!