Wednesday, 13 November 2013


Another day, another new book onto the already creaking shelves of the Criminal Library, so what?

Does the product description entice and lure you in........err, with due respect probably not.

Product Description  - A collection of crime stories from the world of writing, editing, publishing and reviewing

Well it’s a book designed to make a small difference to a number of lives.

A book conceived out of friendship, and yes, probably love.

 A book that will do more than entertain the readers that crack its spine or download its file.

Margot Kinberg, author and blogger extraordinaire and a team of friends have contributed to this worthy project. Please read on for Margot’s own take on the project.......

This collection includes a variety of crime stories, all with a focus on crime in the writing, editing, reviewing and blogging world. They’re terrific stories written by talented authors.  You know you want this. And if you don’t, someone you’re buying a gift for probably does. OK, advert over.  ;-)  
This anthology’s a lot more than just any collection of crime stories. Any proceeds will be donated to the Princess Alice Hospice, in memory of Maxine Clarke. Maxine was a dedicated and knowledgeable friend to the crime fiction world, and is sorely missed. By getting a copy of these delicious little crime stories, you’re not only picking up some great stuff to read, you’re also helping a very worthy cause. What could be better?    

OK, maybe, but I couldn’t get hold of Billy Joel or Bruce Springsteen to personally visit you. ;-) 
Don’t want to make a purchase just now? That’s fine. Please help this cause by helping me to spread the word. It would mean a lot. You can talk it up on your blog, tweet about it, or mention it on Facebook or your other social networks. Thanks in advance!
My sincere thanks also go out to all of the contributors. It has been a real honour to work with each of you on this project. I am truly grateful to you all for your hard work and your contribution to this effort.
We did it!! Here’s to you, Maxine…
Unfortunately I never had the opportunity to cross paths with Maxine, as she passed away before I arrived on the mystery blogging scene. From comments I have read about her presence on the web and the encouragement and friendship she offered to so many, whilst imparting her knowledge of crime fiction I missed out.  
I’m happy to break my recently self-imposed embargo on additions to my book shelves for this worthy cause.
 PS – I’m about halfway through the stories and so far, so good.


  1. "A book conceived out of friendship." Well said, Col. Not many are written for that reason. I aim to buy this anthology very soon. Definitely worth breaking the embargo.

  2. A worthy cause, Col. How does your embargo work? What are the rules?

    1. Agreed Tracy. Err.....still working it out in my head.
      I think similar to Leonard's 10 Rules of Writing, I perhaps ought to construct 10 Rules of the Library, or however many it takes and explain the rationale behind not getting more books.

  3. Nice piece Col, and a good reason to break the embargo. I've just started it too. And I think Tracy and I would like you to do an entry on your embargo. When we know the rules we can keep an eye on you and check up on progress....

    1. Moira, cheers.
      I will work on a piece. If I explain it all, you will actually discover that I'm probably madder than a box of frogs, or at the very least, irrational as reason goes totally out the window when it comes to books.

  4. A worthy cause :-) Maxine was a well read and prolific reader. She left behind a lot of book reviews at Petrona for readers to go through for however long they are available.

    1. Cheers Keishon, I have visited the site from time to time. Hopefully it remains up indefintely.