Tuesday 21 August 2018



Sin-Ema is a filthy and hilarious tale of the sexual revolution. The year is 1971 and the place is Chicago, where Steve, our hero, is running a porn theatre in defiance of the laws of the land and anything close to decency. As the screen drips jism and pulsates with sex, the hottest action takes place among the theatre's motley staff and the demented, lust-crazed officials and customers Steve encounters.

A bit of a speculative punt in the dark with this author and book. Up until a couple of weeks ago, I had never heard of the author. A review on Goodreads from James Thane regarding one of his short stories had me prowling Amazon to check out his books. This one sounded a bit different and had 5 x 5 STAR reviews, wasn't too expensive so BOOM! Here we are.

I kind of thought it would be a bit more borderline #crimefiction, bearing in mind the illegality of the operation Steve was running, but it mainly focussed on his sexual exploits and adventures with staff, customers and even an adult film star. We did have some cop involvement, but where I was picturing kick-backs and pay-offs and raids, it was a slightly more sordid encounter with a pay-off of sorts.

Amusing, possible semi-autobiographical (Shadow spent time in the porn business in the 70s), probably exaggerated - in respect of Shadow's Olympian-esque stamina and readiness to go and go again, explicit, titillating and thankfully not too long either.

I enjoyed it without it being the best book ever. There's a limit to how many different sexual encounters a person may want to read about before becoming jaded. (In a lot of people's case, I'm hazarding  - none.)

Shadow can entertain though and a lot of the events related had me chuckling, particularly the closing curtain on his cinema career. Definitely an author I will read again in the future but more crime related.

Not a book I could easily recommend to others.

3 from 5

Steve Shadow has his website here.

Read in August, 2018
Published - 2012
Page count - 118
Source - purchased copy
Format - paperback


  1. I have to say, Col, I don't think this one's for me. I do like a book with an amusing touch, but this one doesn't sound at all up my street. As always, though, your review is great.

    1. Margot, thanks. I had you pencilled in as a NO. Hopefully the next one I read from him may hold more appeal>

  2. Not for me either, Col. But it is good that you gave it a shot.

    1. I don't regret reading it and I did chuckle at several points throughout. I just wouldn't want to read the same from him next time.

  3. Oh dear - not pulling in your women blog followers with this one I think! Glad it wasn't a waste of time for you though.

    1. Moira you know you want to buck the trend now. I kind of thought the book cover would be the kind of photo you would use on your blog. The Facebook police weren't too happy when I tried to share my post the other day.