Saturday 18 August 2018



Just a kid, really, with his whole life ahead of him. But he vanished three years ago…

In this chapter of the Dark Teesside series, the events unfold in Thornaby and Middlesbrough...

Introducing Dead Flies, a dark short story by award winning writer Glenn McGoldrick. 

"Another excellent piece of short fiction from McGoldrick, well written and excellently presented. The use of actual Northern locations and the writing style as well hints at Ian Rankin, and hopefully there will be a full length novel in time. A sad and thoughtful short story, that leaves you very much wanting more" - Amazon bestselling author Sam Burnell

A short story and another boost to the reading stats.

Dead Flies was my second taste of Glenn McGoldrick's work and another enjoyable story, one which connected emotionally.

A missing son, no note, no body, no clues, no hint and no explanation - ergo - grief, bewilderment, questions but still a modicum of hope.

One sudden change of setting mid-way gave me such a jolt, before the story settled back down. I kind of envisaged things heading in a different direction, but the author took us elsewhere.

Well written, invoking a great deal of reflection and sadness. This is reality for a number of families.

Not a story I will let go of lightly.

4.5 from 5

Glenn McGoldrick seems to specialise in short stories. His website is here.
Red Marks was enjoyed a month or two ago - thoughts here.

Read in August, 2018
Published - 2017
Page count - 14
Source - purchased
Format - kindle


  1. It does sound very potent, Col. I could well imagine a story like that staying with a person for a long time. Especially if that person is a parent...

    1. Margot, it was very very good and yes every parent's worst nightmare.

  2. This one does sound like a good one, Col. A lot of things that I don't want to read about at length work better in short fiction.

    1. Tracy, it did give me pause for thought. A longer book along the same kind of theme may have been quite depressing.