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Cam Reynolds has a problem. When Cam’s longtime boss Tom Colcetti dies and leaves control of his criminal organization to his predatory son Tommy, Cam may finally get the chance to run a crew of his own. But Tommy has his eyes on new business horizons, and Cam just made a mistake that could destroy Tommy’s heavy-hitting new partnership. Now Cam must struggle against violent forces of betrayal, lust, and greed as he attempts to either salvage his career, or get out of the game with his life still intact.

My kind of reading. Cam, a debt collector for a criminal gang is forced to run after a collection goes wrong and scuppers his boss's chances of a hook-up with a Mexican drug cartel. The message to lay off Francisco Gomez came after Gomez was already wrapped in tarp and dumped at the bottom of a well. Serves him right for pulling a blade on our man.

The boss, Tommy Colcetti doesn't do performance appraisals or demotions though. He sells you out to his new partners instead and the same fate only slower and a lot more painfully - think chair, car battery, leads and a bucket of water - awaits Cam.

Another one dead and Cam - no family, only one friend-cum-mentor, Rocco in the organisation and he's unsure how far he can be trusted, flees town with his latest one night stand Lorraine.

A bit of distance, a bit of perspective and maybe Rocco can talk Tommy around. Lorraine may have other plans. Cam might provide some light relief in the sack, but there's some scratch to be made if she plays things right.

Characters, action, pacing, story, dialogue and outcome - all ticks in the box. I could read this type of fiction until the cows come home.

4.5 from 5

I've read Michael Pool before - Midnight at the San Franciscan - thoughts here. New Alleys For Nothing Men sits on the pile.

He has his website here and is on Facebook here.

Read in December, 2017
Published - 2015
Page count - 117
Source - Kindle Unlimited
Format - Kindle 


  1. Margot said...The premise - how will Cam get out of the situation he's in - sounds interesting, Col. And I do like solid characters. Sounds like a fast-paced, noir sort of story, and I'm glad you enjoyed it.
    (Blogger comments playing up again!)

    1. Margot, without spoiling it, there's no guarantee that Cam does find a way out. My kind of story!

  2. When you say "my kind of reading" it usually means it is too gritty for me. Sounded good though in some ways, although torture turns me off.

    1. Probably, though the intended torture was avoided. I really liked it.