Thursday 6 February 2014


When the much vaunted book embargo was discussed at the back end of last year, I kind of had a bit of wriggle room......voucher for birthday (October) ........voucher for Christmas (December)........not willing to discriminate against a non-celebratory month (November.)

So it was fairly clear - 2014 New Year and a new year resolution - firmly resolve to if not desist from adding to the library, at least get more out than in, perhaps rewarding 10 books read and disposed of with a trickle inwards of 1, maybe 2.

Very early on in January, whilst I was researching my Keane genealogy and family history, it became apparent that I am the last surviving member of the Keane branch of the Ming Warrior clan. I hereby claim Chinese heritage, something my affinity for take-away noodles and crispy duck in a hoisin sauce had long led me to suspect.

My great great uncle is middle row, 2nd from the left!

As we all know, us Chinese only just last week celebrated the advent of New Year and the Year of the Horse. My book embargo starts now, I guess, seeing as most of January was actually last year.  

Somewhat belatedly then - Xin Nian Kuai Le ! to you all,

Here's some of what came in.......

Early 90's Yugoslavian disintegration

Nice skull cover! Tracy?

Debut novel

Ex-CIA guy in France
My wife started but discarded this!

Classic car! Great book?

Scottish history! 

New to me author! 

Like the cover!

Keishon's fault!

I blame Tracy!

2nd in a series of 4 from cartoonist author!


  1. Col - You've got some good stuff there, from what I've heard. I want to read The Prisoner's Dilemma and Death in Captivity in particular. I'll be looking forward to your reviews.

  2. Margot thanks. I think of the 2 you've selected I will get to TPD first.

  3. Oh right , now I understand, how could I have missed the fact that the New Year is only just starting? I might well be reading Death in Captivity too - I read it years ago, but Tracy's review got me interested again.

    1. Moira - it does just kind of sneak up on you. (Don't know what tenuous excuse I'm going to come up with for February?) The Gilbert book sounds promising and it does tick a box on a challenge - plus it's not too long!

  4. THE CAMBODIAN BOOK OF THE DEAD I think I have in my stacks here as well as GALVESTON. The rest I'll have to look up. Pretty interesting haul. I added some books as well. More than I wanted to add. *sigh*

    1. Couple more John Ball's and I should call it done!

  5. You have me laughing here, and I need a laugh. First of all, yes, that is a great skull cover. I was oohing and ahhing over it, and then I saw your caption. I will wait and see what you think of the book.

    I think my embargo (unannounced, with no firm rules) will start now too, because I bought too many books in January. Some were non-fiction, which don't count by my rules, but still.

    I have at least one Peter Steiner book, but the rest are new to me.

    1. Glad it made you chuckle. I'll read it one day and let you know!
      I was out in London for the day yesterday with my wife - and I didn't look in one bookshop! One day at a time....I think!
      The Steiner books interest me - even without a skull.

  6. Col, thank god I'm not responsible for any of your new acquisitions though I like nearly every one of the covers particularly "The Cambodian Book of the Dead" and "Le Crime." Last week, I gave in to temptation and bought a few used British war comics.

    1. Collective responsibility - but you're off the hook on this one! Le Crime might be my favourite of the bunch.