Wednesday 1 May 2013


A decent month's reading with 14 books in total read during the month. They were as follows; with my unscientific rating displayed in brackets after the title.

Michael Connelly - The Drop (2011) (5)

Dick Francis - Forfeit (1968) (4)

Harlan Coben - Play Dead (1990) (2)

Bill Pronzini - The Vanished (1973) (5)

Leif G. W. Persson - Between Summer's Longing And Winter's End (2010) (4)

Gerard Brennan - Other Stories And Nothing But Time (2012) (4)

Roger Smith - Ishmael Toffee (2012) (4)

Max Allan Collins -  Blood Money (1973) (3)

James Crumley - The Last Good Kiss (1979) (4)

Robert Crais - Free Fall (1993) (4)

Lawrence Block - A Stab In The Dark (1981) (4)

John D. MacDonald - A Purple Place For Dying (3)

Randy Wayne White - The Heat Islands (1992) (3)

Camilla Lackberg - The Stranger (2011) (2)

I met all my reading challenges for the month, plus I managed to stay afloat with my continuing commitment to having 6 series of books on the go at once. One thing that did become apparent to me was the fact that I could have been a wee bit more considered in my choice of series to follow.
Block/Scudder - PI (in all but name)
Crais/Cole - PI
Pronzini/Nameless - PI
MacDonald/McGee - salvage expert with investigative traits - amateur PI
White/Doc Ford - marine biologist with an amateurish sleuthy bent - oh a sort of PI then?
Collins/Nolan - heistman/professional thief.

Why not select a police procedural series to follow? I've plenty of Rankin/Rebus or Robinson/Banks I could have selected, just to mention a couple of unread series on my shelves. Still in the words of Magnus Magnusson, "I've started so I'll finish!"

There were some decent books read in the month, no non-fiction again, 1 by a female author, 9 set in the US of A, 1 in the UK, 1 in Ireland (short stories), 1 in South Africa and 2 in Sweden.

Leif G. W. Persson was enjoyable if overlong, Block was quality as were Roger Smith, Robert Crais and Gerard Brennan. Most of the others were enjoyable if not memorable.

Only 2 that were below average, but I won't dwell on them.

Top books in the month Pronzini's The Vanished and Connelly's The Drop.
On the basis that Pronzini was my book of the month last month, I'm going to spread the love and vote for Michael Connelly's The Drop as my April Book of the month.

Kerrie's excellent blog collates together the crime blogging communitites monthly round-ups over at Mysteries in Paradise, check it out.


  1. Col - You had a productive reading month! It's good to see too that there were more good 'uns than disappointments. And I don't blame you for putting The Drop at the top. Connolly is really talented in my opinion.

    1. Thanks Margot, with the quantity of books I read or "consume" I don't really expect to enjoy everything that crosses my path. More good than bad, so I'm happy enough!

  2. I am one of the few people who has never quite taken to Michael Connelly for some reason but glad you enjoyed it. I'm going to have think of some women writers who you might enjoy...pity the lone lady was such a lacklustre read for you (and not surprising really, Camilla's getting fluffier by the minute).

    1. Bernadette - thanks. We'll agree to disagree over Connelly!
      Re the suggestions, I've tried a couple over the years - Gerritsen and Spindler, without being over-enthused by them.
      Megan Abbott, I need to try soon.
      I've also ordered myself a copy of A is for Alibi after a post on Margot's blog.
      Other suggestions gratefully received!

  3. I like Michael Connelly but haven't read very many of his books. As for women writers, I really like Asa Larsson.

    1. Rebecca, thanks. I actually have Savage Altar by Larsson, but I'd forgotten about it. I'll have to dig out of the pile.

  4. Quite a month for you. And some very interesting authors. I have always shied away from Harlen Coben because I think I would get too tense reading the books (except the series books, which I haven't tried yet either), but my husband and I loved the French film of Tell No One.

    I like your commitment of sticking with some series. There are some series authors I would like to do that with. Maybe next year. Of course if I do that, I won't get any new authors in. I just cannot read that many books in a month. I would like to give Randy Wayne White a try.

    1. Tracy, I'd try White at some point if you can squeeze him in. I'm enjoying the series reading so far, but I agree it does impact on the amount of other stuff I can get to. Plenty of time for reading when I retire, shame it's maybe 15-20 years away!