Tuesday 30 August 2022


Synopsis/blurb …

John Cutler Investigations is open for business. Unfortunately, things aren’t running smoothly

Starting a private investigation business isn’t as easy as the movies make it seem. Former cop John Cutler is learning this the hard way. Soon after opening, he’s running afoul of local gangsters, crossing paths with jealous husbands, and searching for killers who don’t want to be found.

It’s all in a day’s work for Spokane’s newest private eye.

But did it have to be so damn hard?

Cutler’s Cases is a collection of five short stories from Colin Conway, the author of the John Cutler Mysteries and the 509 Crime Stories. If you like fast-paced crime fiction and heroes seeking redemption, then you’ll love John Cutler.

Cutler’s Cases is the fourth John Cutler book from Colin Conway. It’s a change up from the first three, insofar as it’s a collection of 5 stories or cases that involve our PI at various times over the past 20 years or so. I’ve read all three of the novels – Cutler’s Return, Cutler’s Chase and Cutler’s Friend

Across the course of the books, it’s fair to say that Cutler’s character does some growing. He becomes less angry and more accepting of events in his past, more willing to accept the role he played in them. He’s more self-aware and no longer perceives himself as a victim.

Conway also provides a helpful essay regarding his writing from the early days when he was a dabbler, and how these stories and this character evolved and changed. In some respects, there’s a comparison to be made between the newer more likable Cutler and the progress Conway has made on his writing journey…… growth, development, maturity – but still a d*ck at the end of it all! (I’m joking!)

Five cases ….

Manny …… a misunderstanding between Cutler and Manny sees Cutler getting his ass handed to him. Cutler is working for Manny’s wife. Snap judgments, deeper hidden motives, what you see isn't always what you get.

The Problem with Suzie …. a dalliance, a beating, a warning, a level of cooperation with the police, some persistence.

Echoes of Her … a new case and a painful reminder of a woman from Cutler’s past, Paige

Sister Wives …. another case, a love triangle or is it a quadrangle? Slightly confusing early on. I needed a flow chart to get everything straight in my head. By the end, I knew what was what.

Remo Lightly …. Cutler gets involved with some villains to get a pay day. There’s some sadness to this story in how one particular character’s life has played out.

I liked every one of the stories. All of them were interesting and satisfying. What more do you need from a book?

4.5 stars from 5 

Read – July, 2022

Published – 2022

Page count – 168

Source – review copy from author

Format – Kindle


  1. I really like Conway's writing style and stories, Col. And it absolutely staggers me how prolific he is! It's going to be impossible to keep up. Still, this collection sounds like a good way to meet Cutler; glad you enjoyed it.

    1. Margot, I'm trying my damndest to keep up, but it isn't easy!

  2. And the nice thing is that the final short story serves as a set up for the next novel... :-)

    1. Frank, cheers. You've got the inside track mate!