Friday 11 March 2022


A bit of old school US crime/mystery fiction with a couple from John D. MacDonald.

John D MacDonald might be best known as the author of the 21 book long series featuring Travis McGee. Or maybe not. He wrote another 40-50 standalone books and have crossed paths with some aficionados of his work online, they hold some of these books in higher esteem than the Travis books, which are said not to have aged so well.   

I've only ever read some of the McGee books and at one time was planning on ploughing through the series before getting side-tracked. I may resurrect this mission soon. I was having a good time reading them, dated or not.

I've highlighted a couple of other MacDonald books, back in 2015 and I still haven't read them.

The Beach Girls (1959)


But why did he choose our beach? He could have gone ten miles up the strip and all of us could have lived happily ever after - with no questions asked.

But Leo Rice did ask questions and now it seemed to us that we were dirty. That our drinking, our love-making and our forgotten pasts were evil.

We had told ourselves that we were modern, free women until Leo Rice came along.

Until the twisted emotions and buried hatreds ended in brutal murder. 

One Monday We Killed Them All (1961)


Step by step, Dwight McAran built a wall of vicious hate around himself. 

It was easy. He was a man who could slap one woman to death because she loved him, and hum a love song to another while he raped her. 

Sure, he did some time in jail. He sat in a cell and simmered for five long years until his hate hardened to a core of white-hot evil, a core of stark, steaming evil designed to explode in a fury of vengeance.

Revenge was all he craved - and a plan was what he had - a plan just crazy enough to work....


  1. MacDonald did write some great stories, Col. I'll admit, I'm not familiar with his non-McGee work, but it sounds as though it's quite good. Time for me to take a look, I think. I hope you'll enjoy these when you get to them.

    1. Cheers Margot. He's one of those authors who I wish I had the time to read much more from. I suppose I have to actually decide and commit, and stop moaning about it!

  2. Col, I was just looking at another non-McGee book by MacDonald (April Evil) and wishing I had time to read more of his books. I have heard that his non-McGee books are very often very good.

    1. Me too, I think a lot of people prefer them to the McGee's.