Tuesday 5 September 2017


A couple from the kindle this week - author E.A. Cook and two interesting looking books set in New Orleans.

I don't think any UK readers are going to find Eddy Cook sandwiched between Michael Connelly and his namesake Robin Cook on the shelves at the local Waterstones or WH Smith's, but that doesn't mean he should be over-looked as an entertaining author with a decent tale or two to tell.

There's a bit of an author biography on his website - eacookwrites  - plus if you have a root around you can check out some of his short stories. I'm looking forward to seeing how I get on with Cook and his main guy - Calvin Robineux.

E.A. Cook can also be found on Twitter - @EACookwrites

E.A. Cook (Eddy) was raised in the North Woods of Minnesota and has since lived a life that rivals the characters he writes about. As a young man he spent years traveling around North America covering 43 states and trips over the borders of Mexico and Canada. He traveled by box car, hitchhiking, and as a carny traveling with 8 different shows off and on over twelve seasons. He's worked as a hot dog vendor and face painter in New Orleans and has been an Account Executive for print advertising, owned a private investigations company, and is presently a taxi driver by night and a writer by day. Cook lives in Colorado with his Tribe.

Spanish Moss (2013)

17 year old drifter Calvin is escaping a dark past. When a violent hitchhiking encounter leaves him wounded and alone in the remote bayou of Louisiana, an old Cajun family adopts him as one of their own. Calvin soon finds that the Robineux clan has mysteries of their own, and is swept into a search for truth and vengeance in the streets of New Orleans.

Further (2017)

FURTHER is a contemporary crime story that is set on both ends of the Mississippi - New Orleans and Minneapolis. Vin Robineux lives off the grid in New Orleans. He's lived through 24 years of hard road has no birth certificate or social security number and he doesn't drive. He gets paid to track people down, usually pedophile freaks. Kids have gone missing in Minnesota and a vigilante tribe have reached out to Vin.

Further is the sequel to Spanish Moss. Vin, Esteen, Sophie and Chris are all back for this tale. It’s been six years since Calvin crashed through the guardrail and became Vin Robineux. He’s a little older now, and jaded.

This is a story of predators, survivors, warriors, gristle and broken teeth (less)


  1. Sounds like a potent pair of stories, Col. And sometimes, those lesser-known authors really do have some good stuff.

    1. I agree Margot - plenty of lesser known authors churning out some interesting stuff. I'm looking forward to these.

  2. Well, might be too violent for me but the setting certainly piques my interest.