Saturday 9 September 2017



A free read to promote the release of Fox Spirit Books anthology DRAG NOIR (ed. K. A. Laity), this tale of small town crime gets a few unexpected twists and turns when college students go bad -- and keep secrets from their friends.

Content alerts: salty language, guns, drugs, sexual shenanigans

Another padding of the stats with this one, but also another chance to enjoy some of Mr Wynd's observations.....

My dad always said lotteries were a tax on the hopeless but he still played them now and then.

"I hate to break it to you, Bomber, but not every person of colour is a drug dealer. You been watching too much Fox News."

An enjoyable story with some students making a poor decision to rob a drug dealer. Unintended consequences and a great pay-off.

4 from 5

Graham Wynd has been on the blog before - Extricate and Satan's Sorority and no doubt will be again in the future.

I'll have to check out the collection - Drag Noir

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Read in August, 2017
Published – 2015
Page count – 11
Source – purchased copy
Format - Kindle


  1. It sounds like a good read, Col. And I do like the wit in the bits that you shared. Why do college students always seem to make those ill-advised choices....

    1. Margot thanks. Bad decisions.....there would be a lot of redundant crime fiction authors without them!

  2. On behalf of Mr Wynd I thank you!

    1. You're welcome. Can you return my regards?

  3. Glad you enjoyed this, Col. You have been doing well with short stories lately.

    1. Thanks, needs much. I needed a quick boost to my reading as I was kind of in a mini-slump. Moving home is stressing me out.