Sunday 6 August 2017



Hecate Sidlaw finds herself in a wild storm of shady folks all looking for a priceless artifact that's gone missing. With all the double dealing and surprising murders, it's a wonder she and Henry can find out what's really going on -- and what this precious treasure could be. An ancient alchemical text may hold the answers if only Hecate and Henry can live long enough to get to the library!

This 23-page ebook single is the third in a new series from the author of WHITE RABBIT, OWL STRETCHING, and the CHASTITY FLAME thriller series.

“Laity has been proving for quite some time now that her noir prose ranks right up there with the likes of Meg Abbott, Dorothy B. Hughes, and Sara Paretsky.”
~ Vincent Zandri

“Laity knocks your socks off with the language and also with the dialog.”
~ Les Edgerton

A bit of fun and frolics were had with Laity's third Hecate Sidlaw witch tale.

A private investigator who's a witch, a massive ginger talking cat, and a situation that diverts them away from bottling butterfly screams. Leave your disbelief at the door.

I really enjoy these short adventures. Kick back read and chuckle. Great dialogue, strange characters, a fertile imagination and a wrong that usually needs to be righted and some semblance of justice and balance returned to an off-kilter world. Laity entertains every time.

4 from 5

Hocus Pocus, You're Dead and Toil and Trouble were previously enjoyed. Abra Cadavra sits on the device for whenever my reading stalls and needs a bump start.

K. A Laity has her website here. Catch her on Twitter - @katelaity

Read in October 2016
Published - 2014
Page count - 27
Source - purchased copy
Format - Kindle


  1. Ta muchly! These are so fun to write.

  2. I should try some of these stories. I just purchased Hocus Pocus You're Dead. I was going to read White Rabbit first, but it may be a few months before I get to that one.

    1. I enjoy these tales - short, sharp, funny - the product of a vivid imagination. I should get to WHITE RABBIT myself though.