Wednesday 23 August 2017



Dying twice hasn’t deterred Ridley from finding the love of his life. The mystery deepens and the action increases as Ridley enlists the help of old buddy CJ for a return trip to New York. There, he’ll encounter vicious gun dealers, some familiar faces (not in a good way) and an old friend who may be able to help find Miho. 

This time he’s walking straight into the Lion’s den in search of answers. Death awaits, but that’s just the kind of year Ridley’s having. 

Episode 3 and another 40-odd page blast. Having read the second installment late last year I did have to re-read number 2 to refresh my memory on where Ridley had got to. (Note to self, maybe don't leave it eight months between episodes.)

Ridley dies and miraculously (or maybe not) lives and is back in LA. A bit of soul-searching and some tapping of the trust fund and he's headed back to New York with best friend in tow. This man ain't giving up on his gal just yet.

More adventures and mishaps - an old old friend of his fathers revisited and an under the counter drugs and gun deal which is fraught with danger. Ridley is ready again to seek some answers from the Japanese gangsters who've disappeared Miho.

Does it end well? The answer's in the title - probably not.

Entertaining enough, a bit (ok a lot) of suspension of disbelief required especially around our climax and usual subsequent re-birth, but hey I liked it. There's some great scenes of conflict, laced with more than a pinch of humour and I am keen to see what the ultimate outcome is. If an author keeps you engaged and invested in the story, while making you laugh, what more do you need?

4 from 5

Book 1 thoughts here, Book 2 thoughts here. Roll on Book 4!

This was originally published as 7 Episodes or monthly installments but is now only available in a single volume.

Eric Beetner has his website here. Catch him on Twitter - @ericbeetner

Read in August, 2017
Published - 2014
Page count - 44
Source - purchased copy
Format - Kindle


  1. It really is an interesting concept, Col - dying multiple times and living through it. I'm not sure the violence is for me, but I do like wit in a story.

    1. Margot, no book is for everyone. I do like these episodic reads and the violence is kind of approached with a splash of humour which makes it a lighter read. It's not grim-grim if that makes sense.

  2. I am looking forward to trying out the book. Maybe it will work for me, maybe not. We will see.

  3. Fingers crossed it's a positive experience!

  4. Great title, but I'll probably leave it at that.