Thursday 17 August 2017



Another slight fall away with my reading in the month. That's two months in a row now, from 13 read in May to 9 in June to 8 books completed in July - and a couple of short ones included in that figure as well.

Partly explained by an impending house move and the need to empty the attic of an embarrassing quantity of books. Hopefully August sees a bit more of a settled home environment and a bit of an upsurge in my reading.

The eight were...

Paul Heatley - FatBoy (2017)  (5)

Chris Thomas - Enter the Dark (2017) (4.5)

Tom Leins - Skull Meat (2017) (4.5)

Anthony Maguire - Sorry Time (2017) (4)

Ace Atkins - The Fallen (2017) (3)

David Owen - 13-Point Plan For A Perfect Murder (2016) (4)

S. W. Lauden - Crosswise (2016) (3.5)

Turlough Delaney - The Pact (2015) (3)

1 - 5 STAR READ and obvious selection for my Pick of the Month - Paul Heatley's FatBoy!

2 of the 8 rated 4.5 STARS, 2 at 4 STARS, 1  a shade less at 3.5 and 2 at 3 STARS

More useless trivia......

8 different authors,

6 of the 8 were new-to-me authors....... Paul Heatley and David Owen I've read before.

I still have unread books from 4 of these authors on the shelf, in the tubs or on the Kindle...Paul Heatley and David Owen again, and S. W. Lauden and Ace Atkins

Gender analysis - 8 male reads, no females - deja-vous.

I think 3 authors are English, 1 from Ireland, 1 from Australia, 2 from the US and 1 originally from Zimbabwe but living in Australia for 30-odd years.

All 8 were fiction reads - 7 novels and 1 novella/long short story.

All were published this decade - 5 from this year, 2 from 2016 and 1 from 2015. No nostalgia or GA nonsense for me!

3 of the 8 books were pre-owned - 2 came via the publisher and 3 from the author, 1 was free from a reviewer site, but I ran out of time reading it, so had to buy it to finish.

Favourite cover? Ace Atkins - The Fallen

Second favourite - Anthony Maguire's Sorry Time

My reads were this long - 114 - 315 - 44 - 325 - 370 - 298 - 158 - 151

Total page count =  1775 (2107 in June)

6 Kindle reads, 2 paperbacks,

1 < 50,
0 between 51 < 100,
3 between 101 < 200,
1 between 201 < 300,
3 between 301 < 400,
0 > 400 pages

Ace Atkins - The Fallen was the longest read at 370 pages.


  1. Moving house is always such a pain, Col! I hope your move goes well. It looks as though you had some good reads this month, even if there weren't as many as there sometimes are. Hopefully next month will go more smoothly.

    1. Margot thank you. Agreed moving is a big pain! So far unfortunately August hasn't been any less disruptive.

  2. I can well imagine that moving and getting ready for it would really cut back on your reading. Although, for me, I think it would impact my blogging more.

    It is impressive that the authors you read are spread all over the world.

    1. Yes, August has been slow reading also - too much going on at work and home.I'm still playing catch up as far as the blogging is going though.
      I did seem to read less from the US this month than I normally do.

    2. That was actually why I noticed where the rest of the books came from. I was thinking, what only 2 from the US, then noticed the variety.

    3. Normal service will be resumed soon I expect! I need a constant fix of US crime fiction.

  3. Moving house is such a big deal - good luck.
    Nice collection, BUT, I still can't get over Skull Meat, my least favourite title of the year so far.

    1. I definitely wouldn't recommend trying to shift 4500 books from the attic. My bones are still creaking. Love SKULL MEAT as a title, countless images and thoughts spring to mind (probably not too healthy eh!)