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Ridley has already died once trying to find his missing girlfriend, Miho. When a mysterious phone call rouses him from his recovery he is off on the trail of clues again. Reenergized for the hunt, Ridley will follow clues all the way across the country and enter a world darker than he imagined and face off against men--and women--more vicious than he expected. 

This time Ridley has traveled a long way--and death is there to meet him. But it will take more than dying to keep him from finding the truth. 

Book #2 of this thrilling adventure is more non-stop action. Watch for book #3 in April. 
Also available in a collector’s edition print edition.   

The second installment of Eric Beetner's The Year I Died Seven Times was read in November 2016.
In the first we meet Ridley and join him on his quest to track down his missing Japanese girlfriend Miho. Obviously he's been unsuccessful thus far and episode one ends with his death.

Or does it? Well no. Clinically dead for six minutes and successfully revived and recovered, Ridley has sunk into a state of torpor and depression. His friend advises him to forget Miho and move on, but our love sick puppy isn't prepared to do that.

A pleading phone call out of the blue, from Miho demanding his help re-energizes our man. He's going to rescue his girl, but is bereft of clues as to where to start.

Back into the lion's den and the Ginza House where his girlfriend worked is a good a place as any.

A narrowly avoided ass-kicking, a clue on a napkin and a plane ride from LA to New York to another Ginza Lounge; a stake-out, a proper ass-kicking this time from a bunch of girls and Ridley's getting closer to the truth but closer to danger.

Our tale doesn't end well with our man getting beaten, hand-cuffed and some bladder loosening electric-shock treatment as the Ginza masters want answers. A cracked pipe, with a bang on the head and the introduction of some liquid to our electrically charged basement brings our second installment to a close.

Great character, interesting scenario, a bit of humour, 40 pages long, what more do you need to entertain you.

4.5 from 5

This one's no longer available as an individual episode or installment, but has been re-released as a single book in it's entirety.

Episode one was looked at here - The Year I Died Seven Times: Book 1 (2014)
About time I dusted off number 3

Eric Beetner has his website here.
A ton of his books too numerous to mention sit on the kindle awaiting a read.

Read in November, 2016
Published - 2014
Page count - 40
Source - purchased copy
Format - Kindle


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed this one, Col. I have to say I don't think that scenario is for me, but Ridley seems like a well-drawn character. And it does make me wonder what happened to Miho.

    1. Margot cheers. Probably not a book with appeal for everyone, but I'm enjoying it. I probably need to crack on and read the last five installments.

  2. I've been meaning to check this one out. I'll put it on my list. Thanks, Col.

    1. Dietrich, I'm sure you will enjoy it if you get there.

  3. OK, you convinced me. I have purchased the Kindle edition of the whole book. I would rather have a printed book but this may work fine for me as an e-book since it came out as separate "episodes".

    1. Wow, boom! I'm enjoying the trip so far, but as I mentioned to Margot I ought to crack on and finish.

  4. Col – Seven shorts is a clever idea. I see all seven are collected in one volume with a good price on Kindle.

    1. Yes, he re-released them all in one tidy edition. I'm padding my reading stats by reading them one at a time, which is how I acquired them. I'm maybe planning to have an Eric Beetner reading month before the end of the year.