Wednesday, 3 April 2013


Kerrie's excellent blog Mysteries in Paradise has asked fellow bloggers to chip in with a summary of the new authors they have read in the first 3 months of the year. My contribution is the following.

Twenty MajorThe Order of the Phoenix Park (2008) (2)

Austin S. Camacho - The Payback Assignment  (1999) (3)

Jo Nesbo - The Bat  (2012) (4)

Joe Clifford - Choice Cuts (2012) (4)

Ed Lacey - Room to Swing (1957) (4)

Chuck Palahniuk - Survivor (1999) (3)

Gary Carson - Hot Wire (2012) (3)

John D. Macdonald - The Deep Blue Goodbye (1964) (4)

Richard Morgan - Altered Carbon (2002) (2)

Andrew Nette - Ghost Money (2012) (4)

Adam Hall - The Quiller Memorandum  (1965) (4)

Max Allan Collins - Bait Money (1973) (3)

Randy Wayne White - Sanibel Flats (1990) (4)

Bill Pronzini - The Snatch (1971) (5)

Jack London - The Call of the Wild (1903) (4)

Dorothy B. Hughes - In a Lonely Place (1947) (4)

Henry Baum - The Golden Calf (2000) (4)

H. J. Hampson - The Vanity Game (2012) (4)

18 in total for me, with my non-scientific rating or score after the title. I haven't considered setting myself a target of newbies to read and wouldn't know how many I read last year, though with some time and a bit of inclination I could check back.

There's a couple in there that probably wouldn't stand up as crime fiction, but hey.... and a couple of authors in there I won't be reading again.

Highlights..........Pronzini, Nesbo, MacDonald.

Apologies for the lack of links to my individual posts about the books and a link to the Mysteries in Paradise pc skills need some tutoring, perhaps I should hone my skills as a challenge for myself. 

Sorted! Well mostly, apart from the link to the Mysteries in Paradise website - CBA with that one.


  1. Wow Col - lots of authors there I haven't tried yet myself. In fact I've only read books by 4 of them I think!

    1. Bernadette, I'm hopeful I will discover a few more in the coming months!

  2. Some great authors there Col. Glad you like Nesbo!

    1. Sarah, still debating with myself whether to jump back in with Nesbo, or hold off until Cockroach is out later in the year.

  3. Col - You certainly have gotten lots of good reading done! I am impressed.

  4. Margot, so far so good, only a handful of disappointing books thus far. Fingers crossed my luck holds!

  5. This is an impressive list. I have not read many of these authors either (Nesbo, McDonald, and Pronzini). Andrew Nette's book is a definite for this year. Dorothy B. Hughes and Max Allan Collins sometime soon too.

    1. Tracy, I'd recommend Nette's book, definitely set in an unusual locale. Collins I'm hoping to read the follow on from Bait Money this month.