Sunday, 31 March 2013


Gerald Seymour - The Outsiders

Stieg Larsson - The Girl Who Played With Fire

Robert Crais - Lullaby Town

Gene Kerrigan - The Rage

Linwood Barclay - Clouded Vision

Max Allan Collins - Bait Money

Randy Wayne White - Sanibel Flats

Marek Krajewski - The End Of The World In Breslau

Bill Pronzini - The Snatch

Lawrence Block - In The Midst Of Death

Jack London - The Call Of The Wild

Dorothy B Hughes - In A Lonely Place

John D. MacDonald - Nightmare In Pink

Henry Baum - The Golden Calf

Pinckney Benedict - Dogs Of God

H. J. Hampson - The Vanity Game

A little bit of variety in my reading this month. I've been to 1920's Germany, late 19th century Canada, 60's New York and a crime infested present day Dublin, to mention a few. I've not got my non-fiction mojo back - sticking to fiction again for the second consecutive month. I have managed to read two books by female authors, which is two more than last month.

I've stayed on top of my reading challenges; Award winner - tick, Scandinavia - tick, overall numbers - double tick.

I've kept going with the two series I had started, plus I've begun a further three. If I maintain my series bent, my reading in coming months may become a little bit predictable, so I'll have to keep an eye on that. It doesn't pay to be too restrictive in my choices as my reading might turn into a chore rather than remain a pleasure. 

One stinker in the month which I struggled with - Krajewski and Breslau. Pretty much everything else I enjoyed, some a lot more than others.........Kerrigan, Block, Seymour, London......were a lot closer to the top of the pile than the rest.

Book of the month though - the first in Bill Pronzini's long running Nameless detective series - The Snatch.


  1. Col - You certainly did have a variety this month and it's good to hear you enjoyed most of what you read. I don't blame you for putting the Kerrigan near the top of your list; The Rage is, in my opinion, an excellent read.

  2. Margot, I probably would have that as my 2nd favourite of the month with Seymour 3rd.

  3. quite an eclectic list Colman. Fingers crossed for April.

    1. Thanks, Sarah, I think at some point this year I'll get slowed down by a couple of books and I'll lose my reading mojo....hopefully not just yet!

  4. Wow, you have read a lot. Pronzini's book is a great pick. I have to get back to that series. I got stuck around the 20th book, need to catch up.

    1. Hi Tracy, I'm hoping the second Nameless is as good as the first. Any particular reason why you stopped at 20?

    2. That is a good question and I am not sure. I actually got through book 24 in the series. In 2003, I read that book and the preceding four books. Not sure why I stopped, although in Illusions, Nameless is dealing with some emotional issues. I will say that my husband is a big fan of the series, and has bought every book in the series, in hardback, and read them all.

      I am sure you will enjoy the next Nameless book. All of them (that I have read) are good, some better than others, of course.

    3. Tracy, 24 is good going though, give ne the best part of 2 years and I will have caught up. I think part of the attraction for me with Nameless was precisely the type of thing you mentioned...emotional issues. A few people who rate the series have spoken about the way Nameless's life has unfolded throughout the scares, girlfriends etc - I want to read about that and get to know him myself.