Thursday 17 September 2015


Back in March, 2015, Pushkin announced a new imprint coming soon.


16 mar 2015

We are delighted to announce the launch of PUSHKIN VERTIGO, our brand new crime imprint. Starting in September 2015 the imprint will publish crime classics from around the world, focusing on tours-de-force works written between the 1920s and 1970s by international masters of the genre, with spine-tingling jackets designed by Jamie Keenan.

Collect them all, and create your dream (or should that be ‘nightmare’?) library of enjoyable, gripping and classy mysteries and thrillers…

Today's the day they launch.........


"Do you think it's possible to live again, Monsieur? ... I mean ... is it possible to die and then ... live again in someone else?"

You're no longer in the police, but when an old friend asks you to look after his wife as a favour, how can you refuse? She's been behaving strangely, mysteriously - but she's dazzling. And so Flavières begins to scour the streets of Paris in search of an answer - in search of a woman who belongs to no one, not even to herself. Soon intrigue is replaced by obsession, and dreams by nightmares, as the boundaries between the living and the dead begin to blur.

This is the story of a desperate man. A man who ended up compromising his own morality beyond all measure, while the Second World War raged outside his front door. A man tormented by his search for the truth, and ultimately destroyed by a dark, terrible secret.

192 pp
Published 17/09/2015
ISBN 9781782270805
B-Format Paperback


Japan, 1936. An old eccentric artist living with seven women has been found dead- in a room locked from the inside. His diaries reveal alchemy, astrology and a complicated plan to kill all seven women. Shortly afterwards, the plan is carried out: the women are found dismembered and buried across rural Japan.

By 1979, these Tokyo Zodiac Murders have been obsessing a nation for decades, but not one of them has been solved. A mystery-obsessed illustrator and a talented astrologer set off around the country - and you follow, carrying the enigma of the Zodiac murderer through madness, missed leads and magic tricks. You have all the clues, but can you solve the mystery before they do?

320 pp
Published 17/09/2015
ISBN 9781782271383


In the Viennese autumn of 1909, famed actor Eugen Bischoff is driven to suicide. All eyes are on Baron von Yosch, who was once the lover of the dead man's wife. The Baron has nothing to hide. But why was his pipe found at the scene of death? Could you prove your innocence, with your memory of events so confused? Then there was the girl on the phone who distinctly referred to 'the Day of Judgment' - the actor's dying words...

And there were other deaths that autumn, and it became harder to track down the invisible enemy - a monster who fed off intrigue, imagination and fear. The very things that drive us. The very things we cannot control.

160 pp
Published 17/09/2015
ISBN 9781782271529


Every Thursday for three years, Signora Giulia takes the train to Milan to visit her daughter. But one Thursday she simply disappears. And the case is left in your hands. You're a born detective, but you have so many unanswered questions - how can a young, beautiful high society woman just vanish into thin air? Why does her husband - a prominent criminal lawyer and much older man - know nothing about it? And who was she really visiting during those trips to Milan?

For Detective Sciancalepre, the mystery is darker and more tangled than he imagined. Shadows are lurking in the grounds behind Giulia's house. Incriminating letters are exchanging hands. And no one is who they seem. Every twist and turn takes us closer to Giulia - and further from the truth...

128 pp
Published 17/09/2015
ISBN 9781782271048

Hand on heart, I'm probably more of a fan of contemporary crime fiction, or at least post-50s offerings than Golden Age, but I'm open to persuasion!

There's room in my reading for some forgotten classics!


  1. Thanks for the update Col, and this looks like a most interesting update. I like the sound of the Viennese one and the Italian one - will definitely investigate.(like a detective...)

    1. I read Vertigo last week and enjoyed it. I got about halfway before realising I have seen the film. Though I could only remember fragments.

  2. These do look interesting, Col! And thank you for reminding me of Vertigo. I am always so happy to hear it when publishers give new life to some of these classics. It's a risk, and I hope it pays off.

    1. I hope so too. Maybe they can cultivate in me a bit more appreciation for the "older" book. I will see how these ones play out. Vertigo was very good!

  3. Col, the last thing I need are new publishers and new authors and their books. Still, it's always good to know about them.

    1. Prashant - you can never have too many books or authors or publishers on your radar, in my opinion!

  4. Sounds interesting, Col. I want to read the book that the movie Vertigo was based on someday. Glen read THE TOKYO ZODIAC MURDERS and liked it a lot, but you already know that. Now that I have read more about that one, maybe I will try it too someday.

    1. Vertigo. was an excellent read Tracy. I'm looking forward to The Tokyo Zodiac Murders also

  5. This looks like an extremely exciting new list; here's hoping it makes its way across the Atlantic.

    I think the cover designs are indeed graphically exciting, although I have to confess to feeling doubts about their commercial effectiveness. But that's just me.

    1. I thought they might be your thing John. Hopefully they cross over the water and hopefully they attract a big enough audience.