Friday 7 November 2014



Don’t even think of taking Viagra on your wedding night. Why? Read this book and find out. Highlighted by hysterical examples, Surviving Manhood - Getting Hitched takes you on a hilarious ride from meeting that perfect girl to your first few days as newlyweds. Along the way you'll learn vital bits of information such as why you shouldn't let your Best Man get drunk before the toast, why lying is vital to a healthy marriage, and how you can incorporate her dead grandmother's horse into your proposal.

"Surviving Manhood - Getting Hitched" is an uproarious tutorial for single men, a riotous look back for married men, and a shockingly funny look into the mind of a typical guy for women.

A departure from my usual reading with this brief look at life and the relationship between a man and a women both before and after marriage, but presented strictly from the male perspective.

Sharp, incisive and amusing observations, I reckon if Victor Vasconcelos worked at his presentation skills he could have a future in stand-up. It might be prudent if he avoids taking any bookings for hen party gigs though!

Friendships, courtship, marriage, family, finances and sex and the future are dissected and analysed, when 2 become 1, with tongue firmly in cheek – I hope.   

33 pages long and worth an hour of my time. This is not a read I will be sharing with my wife.

Future installments are planned by the author as he endeavours to navigate the pitfalls of manhood and provide some sage advice to the lost souls among the world’s male population.

4 from 5

The author was kind enough to send me a copy of this for review. It’s available on various Amazon sites for purchase. 


  1. Not for me, as you can imagine, Col, but I'm very glad you found it funny.

  2. Col, every once in a while I get off the beaten track and read something different though I don't think I have read anything like this.

    1. Prashant, a wee bit different and I enjoyed it, though not everyone would I guess

  3. This is one where I can easily say... not for me.

  4. Sorry to divide so clearly along gender lines - not for me, but glad you got yourself a good read! If I knew a man about to get married I guess it might make a good present....

    1. Haha maybe........I probably have to agree this one isn't for you - sensitive soul that you are