Tuesday 4 November 2014


October was an enjoyable and productive reading month. Yes a lot of my 16 reads were short - ie less than 50 pages, but hey I'm the one making up my own rules and the one playing by them. 7 were over 100 pages and my page count for the month was 1728.

11 of the 16 reads were from previously untried authors.

Shockingly, or maybe not only 1 read was by a female author, though a few of the short stories in the Rag Issue were penned by the fairer sex.

One book was from 1932, the Elmore Leonard was written in 1958 but only published late last year, all the rest are from the 2010's.

Mostly 4's in the month, with a couple of 3's - so no major struggles or disappointments.

3 FIVE STAR reads! One a short story by Craig Faustus Buck that had me ordering the second installment of his tale - Psycho Logic. To be read soon.

Pick of the month shared by Brian Stoddart's  A Madras Miasma and Charles Dodd White's A Shelter of Others. Both different, but excellent and highly recommended.

Heath Lowrance - Hawthorne: Tales of a Weirder West  (4)

Charles Cumming - A Colder War (4)

Craig Faustus Buck - Dead End (5)

Hugh Gilmore - Redneck Noir Lit (4)

Elmore Leonard -The Trespassers (4)

Brian Stoddart - A Madras Miasma (5)

D.S. Nelson - Hats off to Murder  (3)

Stephen Tyrell - The Test (4)

Charles Dodd White - A Shelter of Others (5)

James Reasoner - The Man in the Moon (4)

Edgar Wallace - When the Gangs Came to London (3)

Joel Goldman - Fire in the Sky (4)

Daniel Pembrey - The Harbour Master II: The Maze (4)

Victor Vascolenos - Surviving Manhood: Getting Hitched (4)

ed. Seth Porter/Dan Reilly - The Rag Issue 6 (4)

Jess Walter - Don't Eat Cat (3)


  1. NIce collection. Definitely want to read Madras Miasma.

    1. I'm looking forward to you take on it, assuming your never-ending embargo ends!

  2. Col - You do have a nice lot of reads here. And like Moira, I want to read A Madras Miasma. And hey, since you're the one making the rules, they can be what you want them to be.

    1. Margot - agreed. I'm in charge over here :0 - I hope you find time to read Brian's book!

  3. Col, I'm glad you had a productive month. I'm going with A MADRAS MIASMA too as well as anything by Edgar Wallace.

    1. Prashant - glad there is something there that grabs your attention. The Stoddart book appears to be the most popular judging by the favourable comments.

      I still have to jot down a few thoughts on the lasr three October reads!

  4. A nice list. Several books I would like to read here, but who know when.

    1. Thanks, I'm the same - perhaps I would read more if I blogged and blog visited less. It might help the TBR pile, but I don't think that will happen though.