Wednesday 19 November 2014



From the author of best-selling THE FIX, comes another chapter in Konstantin Boryakov’s life, the enigmatic tramp who claims to be ex-KGB and in hiding. A man with a dark past and a darker future.

Fidelity Brown has a problem. She owes a local up and coming hard man cash, lots of it. Cash she doesn’t have because her night job – a dildo wielding, rubber clad dominatrix going by the name of Plastic Fantastic – isn’t paying enough yet.

But Fidelity thinks she knows someone who can help her…

All Konstantin Boryakov wants is to be left alone. Cast out by the organisation that had nurtured and trained him Konstantin is a man without purpose, that is until Fidelity comes knocking on his door.

Cue double dealing, kidnap and revenge as Konstantin rises again.

Praise for Keith Nixon’s Work:

'With a brilliant cast of madcap characters strapped tightly in, THE FIX hurtles along at a cracking pace. A hugely enjoyable debut novel from Keith Nixon.'
Ian Ayris, author of Abide With Me

'Moves faster than a speeding bullet. Can't wait for more from Keith Nixon.'
Tony Black, author of Murder Mile

Boom, crash, bang, wallop! Loved it!

An enigmatic ex-KGB Russian called Konstantin is trying to fashion a life of sorts for himself in run-down Margate. Felicity, a working girl with a bag full of sex aids and the moniker of Plastic Fantastic tries to enlist Konstantin as she endeavours to dig her way out of a hole – she owes cash to a local criminal.

Short, sharp, action-packed, funny and with one of the most interesting leads I’ve encountered in my reading this year. A grimy run down south coast seaside town is the setting for our Russian encounter with low level criminals, dodgy politicians, seedy nightlife and our damaged dominatrix.

Gritty, grimy, slimy, dirty, edgy, but with a heart!

Plastic Fantastic is the second Konstantin novella after Dream Land. Dream Land was read and enjoyed earlier this year. Fat Gary – which I will be reading soon is the third. (Already have at time of posting this!)

Nixon has released all seven Konstantin episodes in Russian Roulette - something which is already close to the top of the November must-read pile.  

Mr Nixon is fast becoming one of my favourite UK crime fiction authors. His website is here.

5 from 5

Bought earlier this year on Amazon for kindle.


  1. As you say to me sometimes - love your enthusiasm, but probably won't share it. I think if I found pictures for my blog of the dominatrix they might be x-rated....

    1. Might gain you a whole new audience Moira! But no problem - I do really like his style and content, but its fair to say this may be one where our tastes diverge. We'll see if Fat Gary is your cup of tea!

  2. Col - This does sound exactly up your street. I think mine's just a street or two over, though, I'm afraid... Still, glad you enjoyed this so much!

  3. Col, your enthusiasm is almost infectious! I don't know how many Kindle ebooks I'm going to end up with.

    1. Prashant - I think you need to give in gracefully and embrace your inner crazy reader!

  4. Glen bought a copy of Dreamland so I may be reading it sometime. Glad you are enjoying these novellas so much.

    1. Tracy cheers. I'm looking forward to seeing how Glen gets on.......then you!

    2. He also went and bought Russian Roulette after I told him about it. It will be interesting to try some of the stories.

    3. Excellent, I hope you both enjoy a trip to a run-down English seaside resort!