Saturday 18 January 2020


A few films were enjoyed over the holidays, one a re-watch from the 90s, one an old film I hadn't seen before, a couple from more recently - one enjoyed, one endured and a Christmas special which the whole family (sans moi) had been anticipating and loved, but which was a bit cringey in my opinion.

The Limehouse Golem (2016) - Film

A bit of Victorian crime with Bill Nighy chasing a serial killer (pre-Jack the Ripper days) in London. Daniel Mays seems to pop up in a lot of things at the minute. I like him. I thought the main actress was Jenna Coleman, but apparently it was Olivia Cooke. Maybe it's just me, but they look very similar.

I quite enjoyed it though I don't think it will live too long in the memory. Quite dark in places, just how I like it. I'm not usually a massive fan of ye olde type dramas, but I watched a couple over the holiday periods - A Christmas Carol - and wasn't bumped out of the story by the setting.

From Google.....

Victorian London is gripped with fear as a serial killer is on the loose and leaving cryptic messages written in the blood of his victims. With few leads and increasing public pressure, Scotland Yard assigns the case to Inspector Kildare, a seasoned detective who has a sneaking suspicion that he's being set up to fail. Faced with a long list of suspects, Kildare must rely on help from a witness to stop the murders and bring the maniac to justice.

Gavin and Stacey Christmas Special (2019) - TV one-off

Much anticipated, the rest of the family loved it. the risk of being perceived as a bah humbug, it was okay. I laughed in a few places, cringed in others - the smoking weed scene in particular. My jury is out on James Corden I think. I watch him occasionally hosting a sports quiz, name escapes me and I think he's a massive tool. I see his car karaoke videos and I think he's an annoying massive tool. I see some of his posts online, most recently about some social issue about something or other (shocking memory, I can't remember what, Grenfell maybe) and I think he's alright.

From IMDB.....

10 years on and the Shipman's and Smithy head to Barry for Christmas. A lot has changed in 10 years but there is still one thing on Nessa's mind.

The Dressmaker (2015) - Film

Semi-watched with the head half in a book. Seemed very long (1hr 59min), first three quarters dragged, dragged a bit more, then it got very draggy, the last half hour was ok. I think my main problem was Kate Winslet. I can't help it, I've just never taken to her and as a consequence any film she is in, I automatically feel negative towards it. The Holiday might be the only exception, which is kind of funny, because I don't really like Jude Law either. If it helps, my wife and one of my daughters enjoyed it. The other one was on the same page as me and took herself off to bed after enduring an hour or so.

From Wikipedia.......

The Dressmaker is a 2015 Australian revenge comedy-drama film written and directed by Jocelyn Moorhouse, based on the 2000 novel of the same name by Rosalie Ham. It stars Kate Winslet as a femme fatale in the title role of the dressmaker, Myrtle "Tilly" Dunnage, who returns to a small Australian town to take care of her ailing, mentally unstable mother. The film explores the themes of revenge and creativity and was described by Moorhouse as "Clint Eastwood's Unforgiven with a sewing machine".

Absolute Power (1997) - Film

Spotted on terrestrial TV in December and recorded. I'm a bit of a Clint Eastwood fan, though fair to say I haven't probably seen even half of what he's done. I like Gene Hackman as well - absolutely loved him in Mississippi Burning, something I ought to watch again soon. And I don't mind a bit of Ed Harris either.

I hadn't seen this one before and I enjoyed it. Quite a topical plot in respect of powerful men abusing their positions, always aided and abetted by willing flunkies. Probably not too much of a spoiler to say, good triumphs over evil in the end.

From Google....

Luther Whitney is a professional thief who works occasionally. He is planning to finish off his last job, and everything is going smoothly until he gets framed for a murder.

The Fugitive (1993) - Film

I've seen this before back in the day, but it was long enough ago that I couldn't remember how it all unfolds until the end. Plenty of excitement, thrills and tension throughout. Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones are both pretty good. I'd happily watch it again in another 20 years time. I think I'll have to track down a copy of Presumed Innocent to watch soon.

From Wikipedia...

The Fugitive is a 1993 American action thriller film based on the 1960s television series of the same name created by Roy Huggins. It was directed by Andrew Davis and stars Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones, with supporting roles by Sela Ward, Joe Pantoliano, Andreas Katsulas, and Jeroen Krabbé. After being wrongfully convicted for the murder of his wife and unjustly sentenced to death, Dr. Richard Kimble (Ford) escapes from custody (after a bus-train wreck) and sets out to find his wife's killer, catch him, and clear his name, while being pursued by a team of U.S. Marshals led by Deputy Samuel Gerard (Jones). The screenplay was written by David Twohy and Jeb Stuart, from a story by Twohy.


  1. I too thought Limehouse Golem was okay, but not much more than that. I agree with you on Corden's toolishness and Winslet's dullness. Absolute Power and The Fugitive are two of those movies I enjoy revisiting every few years, the former despite the fact that Eastwood really is a bit of an objectionable asshole in real life.

    Ah, yes, Jenna Coleman is the actress known in this household as Hot Vic.

    1. I'm amused that I can separate Eastwood's assholeness (not especially aware of why he's an asshole, though I do remember he was accused of treating one of his former partners quite shabbily many years ago - that said there's two sides to every story) from his on-screen presence. I can't do the same for Corden though. Winslet - I've wasted too many words on her already.

      Agree re Jenna Coleman and at the risk of sounding very un-PC the other lady is very easy on the eyes also.

  2. I loved Gavin & Stacey, but we won't argue!
    I have the book of The Dressmaker on my shelves, perhaps I should read it and then see the film.
    The Fugitive - I remember seeing that at the cinema, at a time when Mr Clothes in Books and I almost never got out together because we had small children! So fond memories.

    1. Re G+S it's tolerable and it does amuse me in places. Some of the jokes are a bit hit and miss though. Hopefully they'll leave it longer than 10 years before we see it again.

      I can't ever remember going to the cinema when ours were small!

  3. I liked The Fugitive, too, Col. But then I like Tommy Lee Jones and Harrison Ford. I like Gene Hackman, too, although I have to admit I'm not much for Clint Eastwood. Glad you found a few enjoyable things to watch.

    1. Margot three out of four ain't bad. I think I'd probably go for Clint's body of work over the others if I was forced to choose.

  4. The Fugitive is a film that Glen and I used to watch often. We still like it but it has been a while since we watched it. I have never seen Absolute Power but I think I would like it.

    I know nothing about The Limehouse Golem but I love Bill Nighy so might be willing to give it a try.

    1. Ha I think you might like Absolute Power and The Limehouse Golem then Tracy. Bill Nighy is quite an easy watch. I like him in Marigold Hotel and Love Actually.

  5. Col, putting THE DRESSMAKER and ABSOLUTE POWER on my watch-list. I'm not sure I have seen either. I enjoyed THE FUGITIVE and saw the film a couple of times. Like Margot, I like Tommy Lee Jones' movies.

    1. Tommy Lee doesn't seemed to have aged any over the years. Maybe he is very clean living or has amazing treatments! I'd recommend Absolute Power. If you watch the other one - don't blame me!

    2. Col, Tommy Lee Jones often plays a law enforcer/attorney, as in THE FUGITIVE, THE CLIENT, NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN and U.S. MARSHALS, roles that suit him.

    3. I'd forgotten he was in No Country For Old Men. I must be due a re-watch of that soon.I'll look up the other two, thanks

  6. ABSOLUTE POWER is a fun Eastwood flick. The Baldacci book is good, too.

    1. I'm surprised I hadn't heard of it before. Baldacci is another author I've never read.