Wednesday 30 July 2014



Product Description

In KISSES FROM OCALA we meet Rhonda an unforgettable stripper who loves Renoir, Kandinsky, Dali and money.

In WOLFENHAUS we meet a reclusive industrialist with dark dreams and even darker secrets.

RED ROOSTER tells the journey of a writer who went looking for a forgotten bluesman, from New Orleans to New York.

In the title story BLACK PILLS & RED BULLETS we meet Kenichi Isaka a Yakuza who went too far when he practiced the art of Kimbaku-bi a Japanese style of bondage on the wrong girl.

A couple of Canadian yuppies in Cuba looking into the skin trade get a little more than they bargain for in the story: MATANZAS.

THE OLD UGLY deals with the little journey of a legendary gun. From birth to death.

What happened at the Seattle Aquarium after dark? Is where modern lovers meet and greet as told in the story titled: HARD RAIN.

What’s the dooms day survivalist up to? What are his intentions with the daughter of ex-mayor Hobbs? Find out in the story: BURN BABY, BURN.

What happens when an old goomba decides to clean up his act? Meet Mario Mortillaro in the story: THEY SHOOT HORSES, is he really turning a new leaf?

Welcome to the snap and crackle prose that comprises this collection of ten unforgettable short stories.

Fraught with spatters of : Danger, mystery and violence. If you like escapism which hankers back to a time when reading pulp-ish fare made one feel like an amoral tight rope walker. Then this one's for you!

About the Author

Verge Le Noir. A voracious reader and a slight misanthrope. Decided to start writing on discovering the works of a man from Detroit by the name of Elmore Leonard; something call Rock and Roll; cool flix, and the female of the species. Not in that particular order - if you can believe it. Black Pills & Red Bullets is his first entry in the world of indie books- expect more. In search of some sanity, dive bars and a killer story. He roams around New York City.

Another short story diversion for me this month. Downloaded relatively cheaply on Amazon UK a few months ago and I feel like I got my money’s worth. Reading back through the brief descriptions above, I wouldn’t say all 10 are seared into the memory banks, but enough of them have me wanting to look out for more from Verge in the future.

RED ROOSTER and BURN BABY BURN are the 2 stand-outs for me.

Great author name - I hope it's real, great cover, great stories – most of. Enjoyable.

You can find him on Twitter @VergeLeNoir

4 from 5

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  1. That does sound like a really interesting collection, Col. Sometimes short stories are just what the doctor orders...

    1. Margot - I agree. They have certainly helped get my reading back on track this month.

  2. Verge Le Noir! That's quite some name. Admiring the pseudonym is probably as far as it will go for me, but glad you enjoyed. BTW I read the Expense Claim short story by John Dolan you reco'ed and really enjoyed it, it was hilarious, and short sharp and to the point.

    1. Moira cheers. Glad you enjoyed Expense Claim.

  3. For now I am rejecting all short stories, collected or singly. I have several collections to read, and I don't have any success getting to those. But I am happy that you enjoyed them.

    1. No problem, I think they have helped me get my mojo back, so I might keep reading them for another month.

  4. Col, I might check out this collection as I haven't read much noirish short stories and besides it sounds interesting.

    1. Prashant - let me know how you get on if you give it a try.