Tuesday 31 July 2018


A couple from US author Liam Sweeny, not someone I've previously read and an oversight I need to address sometime soon.

From his website......

His first writing was Science Fiction/Fantasy, but it quickly transitioned into mystery, crime and noir. His work has appeared in periodicals and print publications such as Spinetingler Magazine, Switchblade, Pulp Modern, Thuglit, Shotgun Honey and So It Goes: The Literary Journal of the Kurt Vonnegut Museum and Library.

Sweeny’s most recent standalone work, a short story collection titled Dead Man’s Switch. and a detective thriller titled Welcome Back, Jack is available at most online retailers. A new collection, Street Whispers, is available from All Due Respect Books, and a sequel to Welcome Back, Jack will be released by Down & Out Books in August of 2018, titled Presiding over the Damned.

I'll take a rain check on his Sci-Fi and Fantasy but deal me in for his latest offerings.

Liam Sweeny's website is here

The Man (2012)

The lives of four men: a prophet and a cop from a small coastal town in Maine, a hit-man in the Big Easy and a mercenary in the jungles of Sierra Leone, are unfurled, nameless until they intersect on the bumpy, twisted highway of a permanent homecoming.

Street Whispers: Stories (2018)

An eclectic collection of pulp, grit and noir stories inspired by the Capital Region of New York, a rust-belt crossroads in the shadow of the city that never sleeps. Here’s a trip led by fat slobs in smoky, vomit-stained cabs, heading to the oasis of the strip club on a street lined with rusted out factories, ventilated with beer cans and rocks. No heroes and villains in these pages, just shades of grey and characters making choices between bad and worse.

Tales of woe and macabre, the profane and ordinary dance with each other in a building where the forgotten stay, passing their street whispers like bottles from the bottom shelf.


  1. The Man sounds really interesting, Col. I don't know Sweeney's work, and I'll be keen to know what you think of that one.

    1. It's fairly short so I hope to be reporting back on it fairly soon (next couple of months, in my world)!

  2. Replies
    1. Liam, no probs - I'm looking forward to these bad boys!

  3. Liam is one of my favorite writers and deserves a lot more publicity.

    1. Les, glad to hear that his work comes highly recommended. There's a lot of great writers that are flying under most people's radars, unfortunately

  4. Sounds like your kind of fiction. I look forward to your reviews.