Thursday 17 September 2020

AUGUST 2020 - 31 DAYS 31 SHORTS!

August again and another bout of a short story a day, with the usual proviso, some days none, some days two or more to catch up.

It's a great way of trying new authors or re-visiting old favourites and there are plenty of great sources of stories around the web........  Spelk FictionShotgun HoneyClose 2 the BoneAll Due RespectBristol Noir, Tough, Yellow Mama Webzine, Strand Magazine, Fairlight Shorts, Punk Noir MagazineMystery Tribune - to mention a few.

Author websites can be great sources as well.

1st - Tom Leins - Demonology (Shotgun Honey)

6th - Morgan Boyd - Hotdog Man (Shotgun Honey)

7th - Beau Johnson - Bruce Tartare (Spelk Fiction)

8th - Liam Sweeny - Beggar's Brunch (Spelk Fiction)

9th - Mark J. Newman - Long Time Coming (Bristol Noir)

10th - Maura Yzmore - Pixie Dust (Spelk Fiction)

11th - Mark J. Newman - The Homecoming (Bristol Noir)

12th - Tom Leins - Recalibration (Pulp Modern)

13th - Tom Pacheco - The Cheating Wife (Strand Magazine)

14th - Jason Beech - Loose Words (Spelk Fiction)

15th - Bill Baber - Going to Find Her (Spelk Fiction)

16th - Todd Morr - Love or Money (Shotgun Honey)

17th - Margot Kinberg - Silence is Golden (Crime and Mystery Writer Margot Kinberg)

18th - Tom Leins - Splatterproof is Not a Challenge (Shotgun Honey)

19th - Cindy Rosmus - Homicidal Hubby (Yellow Mama Webzine)

20th - William R. Soldan - King of the Blue Rose (Tough)

21st -  Melkon Charchoglyan - Madame Gayane (Fairlight Shorts)


  1. These are great resources, Col - thanks. I think short stories are a great alternative to novels, especially if you want to 'meet' an author for the first time without investing too much time into it. And for the author, it's an interesting medium that stretches the writing muscles.

  2. I did not realize you had been doing this 31 days of short stories for so long. I read a good number of short stories in August, but they were all science fiction or fantasy.

    1. Tracy, it's been a while. I'm trying to do it every quarter now, so I'll see how that goes.

  3. Hi Col, thanks for including a handful of my stories in your August reading list!

    1. Tom, you're very welcome. I'm hoping to read some of your collection soon!