Sunday 1 March 2020


A couple from cult author, Pablo D'Stair this week. Hands-up, I've not read the man yet, but I'm correcting that oversight this month.

D'Stair's fiction is being brought to a wider audience with indie publisher All Due Respect bringing back Man Standing Behind and This Letter to Norman Court recently.

This Letter to Norman Court is the first in a five book series featuring Trevor English. The other four are due for publication later this year.

Various online sources tell me.....

Pablo D’Stair is a novelist, filmmaker, and essayist. He lives and writes in Lancaster, PA.
Pablo D'Stair was born in 1981. He is the author of over forty books of fiction, several collections of poetry, and numerous essays and dialogues. He writes on cinema for the UK film site BRWC: Battle Royale With Cheese and is a regular contributor of fiction, interview, and essay for the Montage: Cultural Paradigm (Sri Lanka).

Thanks to Chris Rhatigan of All Due Respect for putting him on my radar.

Man Standing Behind (2019)

Leaving work on a nondescript evening, Roger is held up at gunpoint when he stops at a cash machine. He attempts to hand everything in his bank account, but robbery isn't on the gunman's mind.

Roger is told simply to walk.

The gunman takes him on a macabre odyssey - from city pubs to suburban neighborhoods to isolated homes in the country - and as the night presses on, a seemingly not-so-random body count grows around him.

A moment-by-moment exploration of moral paralysis, Man Standing Behind charts the psyche of a random man caught in the roils of a mortal circumstance nothing to do with his own life. Is he a witness, a victim... or something altogether worse?


"This is where D'Stair shines. He has the ability to take a situation, one which might traditionally be addressed emotionally, and analyze it to the point of emotional emptiness. Life and death... is not a fight or flight, subconscious decision, but is one to be pondered, examined, weighed against context." - Caleb J. Ross, author of Stranger Will, I Didn't Mean to be Kevin, and The Soul Standard

This Letter to Norman Court (2020)

When petty crook Trevor English is offered two thousand dollars to deliver a letter across the country, the choice seems fairly simple - money up front, no way he can go wrong.

And when he finds himself in possession of correspondence several parties would pay to get their hands on, the choice seems even simpler - take what he can, while he can, from who he can... and disappear.

this letter to Norman Court is the first installment in Pablo D'Stair's five-novella Trevor English cycle.

Praise for the books by Pablo D'Stair:

"D'Stair is clearly a master. Likely Jean Patrick Manchette reincarnated... " - Matt Phillips, author of Countdown and The Bad Kind of Lucky


  1. Christmas? It's only March.....

  2. These look interesting, Col. If I'm being honest, This Letter... looks more appealing. It sounds like a intriguing premise, and I can see how it might go in one of a number of directions. I'll be interested in what you think when you get to this one.

    1. Margot I'm equally excited about both. They aren't long book either which is hopefully an added bonus.