Tuesday 29 December 2015


Dave Stanton is a new-to-me author, someone I’ve not yet tried.

He’s written 5 books so far in his Dan Reno PI series and I have all of them. On the basis that I do like my PI books, that’s not such a giant leap of faith.

Stateline opens the series. Followed by Dying for the Highlife and the third in the series – Speed Metal Blues. Dark Ice is number 4 and Hard Prejudice the latest.

His website is here – danrenonovels.com.

From the author page on his website….

Born in Detroit, Michigan, in 1960, Dave Stanton moved to Northern California in 1961. He attended San Jose State University and received a BA in journalism in 1983. Over the years, he worked as a bartender, newspaper advertising salesman, furniture mover, debt collector, and technology salesman. He has two children, Austin and Haley, and lives with his wife, Heidi, in San Jose, California.

He has this to say about the origins of his debut novel…..


It was 2001, and the dot.com bubble was bursting. My timing was bad – a few months previous I had left a steady job to work for a “promising” startup that offered more money. As a salesman, I quickly realized the product they hired me to sell was doomed. I drew this conclusion despite claims otherwise by some smart (and temporarily wealthy) people. Like many during that time, they had been sucked into an illusion.

I sat at my cubicle in Silicon Valley, regretful, certain I’d be unemployed soon. The customers I’d been assigned had all considered my proposals and firmly declined. I had nothing to do, and the boredom was killing me. Spontaneously, I started writing.

Three months later I was at a new gig, one that involved regular travel to Asia. I sat on a jet over the Pacific Ocean, hunched over my notebook, typing like a mad man. The paragraph I had written while employed at the now defunct company had become a novel, and the first draft was nearly finished.
Many of the characters and situations I write about come from a time when my companions were irreverent and reckless, and I participated willingly in endeavours that for a few had permanent consequences. These episodes occurred in places like Sacramento, Reno, Salt Lake City, and Ely, Nevada. Some of my old friends are respectable citizens today, others are in and out of jail, and some didn’t make it.

I hope you enjoy STATELINE. Please feel free to e-mail me at dave@DanRenoNovels.com.

Dark Ice (2015)

Two murdered girls, and no motive… While skiing deep in Lake Tahoe’s backcountry, Private Eye Dan Reno finds the first naked body, buried under fresh snow. Reno’s contacted by the grieving father, who wants to know who murdered his daughter, and why? And how could the body end up in such a remote, mountainous location? The questions become murkier when a second body is found. Is there a serial killer stalking promiscuous young women in South Lake Tahoe? Or are the murders linked to a different criminal agenda? Searching for answers, Reno is accosted by a gang of racist bikers with a score to settle. He also must deal with his pal, Cody Gibbons, who the police consider a suspect. The clues lead to the owner of a strip club and a womanizing police captain, but is either the killer? The bikers up the ante, but are unaware that Cody Gibbons has Reno’s back at any cost. Meanwhile, the police won’t tolerate Reno’s continued involvement in the case. But Reno knows he’s getting close. And the most critical clue comes from the last person he’d suspect…

Hard Prejudice (2015)

The DNA evidence should have made the rape a slam dunk case…

But after the evidence disappeared from a police locker, the black man accused of brutally raping a popular actor’s daughter walked free. Hired by the actor, private detective Dan Reno’s job seemed simple enough: discover who took the DNA, and why. Problem is, from the beginning of the investigation, neither Reno, the South Lake Tahoe police, nor anyone else have any idea what the motivation could be to see ghetto thug Duante Tucker get away with the crime. Not even Reno’s best friend, fellow investigator Cody Gibbons, has a clue.

When Reno and Gibbons tail Tucker, they learn the rapist is linked to various criminals and even a deserter from the U.S. Marine Corps. But they still can’t tell who would want him set free, and for what reason?

Things get murkier when Tucker visits an Arabic restaurant whose owners are suspected terrorists. Then Cody’s ex-boss, a San Jose police captain, is found to be dallying with Tucker’s sister.

The clues continue to build until Reno and Cody find themselves targeted for death. That tells Reno he’s getting close, so he and Gibbons put the pedal to the metal. The forces of evil are running out of time, and the action reaches a boiling point before an explosive conclusion that reveals a sinister plot and motivations that Reno never imagined.


  1. I do like the Lake Tahoe setting for this series, Col. I admit I've not tried Stanton's work, but I've heard good things about the series. So I'm hoping you'll enjoy it.

    1. Cheers for the further endorsement Margot. I don't think I've read anything set in the locale of Lake Tahoe yet.

  2. All of these sound interesting. I don't know if I will try them because I already have too many books, but definitely would consider them.

    1. Tracy, I'll let you know how I get on when the time comes!

  3. New to me as well, Col. Thanks for the heads-up.

  4. Yet again, these look to be lots of fun. They also look, refreshingly, as if they're a reasonable length rather than the usual doorstops. I must sus 'em out.

    1. Cheers mate, glad you like the look of them, both are just a tiny shade over 300 pages each, according to Amazon UK. I must admit my copies look thinner, but I can't check at the minute.

  5. Promising, sounds interesting. Need you to read them first.

    1. A reasonable stance - sometime soon hopefully, which could mean absolutely anything in my reading world!