Sunday 5 April 2015


Boom.... another month over and another decent month's reading.....10 books all told were enjoyed in the month.

I'm keeping pace with my year-end target though I had hoped to be a couple of books ahead of schedule by now, for when the inevitable blues or reading slump hits.

I've reviewed 9 of my titles read and the links and scores are below......


Olen Steinhauer - All the Old Knives (2015) - 5

Torquil MacLeod - Meet Me in Malmo (2010/2015) - 4

Thatcher Robinson - Black Karma (2014) - 5

Jim Thompson - Ironside (1967) - 4

Stark Holborn - Nunslinger 1 (2013) - 4

Jamie Mason - Monday's Lie (2015) - 4

Stark Holborn - Nunslinger 2: The Good, The Bad and the Penitent (2013) - 4

Don Pendleton - The Executioner: War Against the Mafia (1969) - 4

Neil Cross - Captured (2010) - 4

5 of the 9 were authors I have previously enjoyed reading - the second Stark Holborn offering being preceded by the first by a day or so!

2 of the 9 here were 5 star reads and the other 7 were all 4's - nothing sucked which was good.

6 of the 8 authors above were male. Jamie Mason proving the exception. The enigmatic, pseudonymous Stark Holborn has undetermined genitalia so is classed as a ..... an unclassified, enigmatic, pseudonymous mystery.

One Scot in the gang - Mr Macleod - who writes about Sweden and lives in England, one Englishman - Mr Cross who apparently lives in New Zealand. All the rest are American.

2 from the 60's - all the rest from this decade.

2 sadly are deceased, the rest are thankfully/hopefully in rude health.

4 were Net Galley books and I'm still woefully behind, but catching up slowly. Nunslinger was another from there, but expired and I have the library book on long loan. I should get more episodes read in April and a corresponding number of ticks in the April reads column.

5 were paperbacks, 5 were Kindle reads.

3 of the authors above consented to interview via e-mail which was a surprise and a pleasure.
Thank you....... Mr Steinhauer, Mr Robinson and Mr MacLeod.

Mr Putnam was on the blog in March, after being read in February.

My pick of the month hasn't been reviewed yet and will appear on the blog in mid-April with an interesting author profile and Q+A the day after. Can you remember the author and the book?


Evangeline Jennings - Riding in Cars with Girls (2015) - 5 STARS  

Liverpool lass, now living in Texas - Evangeline Jennings!


  1. Glad you had a good reading month, Col. Nice to see that none of your reads was a dud. I'll be interested to read your review of the Jennings when you publish it .

  2. You did have a good reading month. All the ratings were 4s or 5s.

    1. No stinkers that's for sure....must be overdue one!

  3. Col, read ten, reviewed nine — that's pretty awesome. Someday I'll get there.

  4. nice selection, and I'm really intrigued by the pick-of-the-month, will be looking forward to that - good title and a Liverpool connection and what sounds like quite a female book - all good.