Tuesday 28 April 2015


Ryan Bracha is an English author who I haven't yet tried.

There's about 6 different pieces from him on the Kindle.
As well as these two, I have....

Tomorrow's Chip Paper 

The Banjo String Snapped but the Band Played On 

Bogies, and other equally messed up tells of love, lust, drugs and grandad porn.

Twelve Mad Men, which is a collaborative novel in conjunction with 11 other authors, including blog favourites Paul D. Brazill, Keith NixonLes Edgerton and Gerard Brennan.

His writing philosophy is as follows (lifted from his website) .......... I live to tell stories. Naughty ones, nice ones, funny ones and sad ones. Preferably funny ones though. If something bad happens, my general feeling is 'Ah well, at least it's a story to tell the grandkids one day'. If something good happens, I'll tell everybody I know that story. Everything that will ever happen to you at any point in your life, is always going to be a story to tell at another point in your life. If you view it like that then the chances are you'll enjoy your life a little bit more. Like the time I went to a stag party in Bruges, Belgium. I got too drunk and missed the boat home, spent the night being dragged from pillar to post by the Belgian police, spent so much more money than I ever should have, and got lost in a foreign country for about four hours. Twice. Yeah, at the time it was awful, but the second I landed back on home soil, it was the best story I could have ever lived. Stories make the world go round, they keep us entertained and they make good use of our imagination.

He has a website over here.

Paul Carter is a Dead Man

In 2009 a bomb exploded, killing over 400 British citizens, including three generations of heir to the throne. Religious extremists took responsibility and the country went into meltdown. The British government was overthrown, and its troops withdrawn from overseas. The one-time empire closed its doors to the rest of the world. Law enforcement as it was no longer existed. The power was returned to the British people, and criminals were placed in online public courts for twenty four hours, to be judged. 

The sentence for murder, death. 
The sentence for anti-British behaviour, death. 
The sentence for swearing, death. 

In 2014 Paul Carter kills a man, and is now on the run. The thing is, Paul is smart. He's had enough of the new regime, and he's not the only one. He finds himself as an accidental revolutionary, and the voice of the disillusioned masses. He must learn to embrace the responsibilty that has been thrust into his lap, and kick hard against a system which has failed everybody. 

Paul Carter is a Dead Man is a horrifying glimpse into the future from the Amazon best-selling author of Strangers Are Just Friends You Haven't Killed Yet and is set to be the first book of the Dead Man trilogy.

Strangers are Just Friends you haven't Killed Yet

"You don't get into this game if you have any appreciation for morality, believe me"

Some kind words by other authors...

"Not your typical thriller by any stretch of the imagination." - Keith Nixon, author of 'The Fix'

"His enthusiasm, insightful characterisation and understanding of what motivates flawed people drives his story forward with force and pulls you into his world. And what a world it is." - Mark Wilson, author of 'Bobby's Boy' and 'Naebody's Hero'

"Reading this book was like watching a flake of snow, slowly rolling down a hillside. Before you realize what is happening it bets bigger and bigger until it slams you in the chest. You are carried along by the weight and brilliance of it, gladly allowing it to carry you off into oblivion." - Craig Furchtenicht, author of 'Dimebag Bandits'

"Incredibly funny and bitter and in places sad. Bracha is a genuinely talented writer..." - Martin Stanley, author of 'The Gamblers' and 'The Hunters'

Here's the blurb...

What do you get if you cross a French sex addict hitman, a self righteous left wing blogger with a spam problem, a racist bar room regular and his penchant for porn, an American gangster with a lot of reflecting to do, a small time journalist who dreams of the big time, a weak-willed loner with a Victorian lion hunter alter-ego, a flamboyant PR guru and his devilish plans, a very recently unemployed call centre drone, an old man with a hell of a grudge, and A LOT, of dead bodies? You get this.

The naked corpse of a young man is discovered with his throat sliced open on a cool autumn morning in a park in Sheffield, northern England. By an elderly dog-walker, as usual. He is the first of a rapidly increasing number of seemingly random killings in the city, all in that same way. This leads to a frenzy of media and public speculation, where everybody is a suspect, and everybody has an opinion. Daisy is pointing the finger at the media, rookie journalist David is dreaming of future awards for his coverage of the whole thing, and Terry blames the Asians.

What's actually happening is a far more sinister affair which threatens to spiral out of control. Across the city Tom, call centre outlaw, cast out for his lack of respect for faceless voices, is drinking and snorting himself into a collision course with some very very bad people indeed, how it will end, well that depends on how much of an outlaw Tom's prepared to be.

Strangers Are Just Friends You Haven't Killed Yet is a funny, satirical, sexy, and very violent tale of poverty, addiction, the fickle finger of fame, love and questionable mental health.

Next time you'll maybe want to look that gift horse in the mouth.


  1. I'm already intrigued by some of these titles, Col! It sounds as thought some of these are darker than I usually go. Still, when it's done well, dark can be very good. I'll be keen to know what you think of these.

    1. Margot thanks. Hopefully I won't keep you waiting too long, but you never know with me!

  2. OMG. This is obviously an interesting person living life to the full, doing what he wants in life and getting on with his writing, and writing whatever he wants. I can't quite see it as my kind of thing (there have been few two-word phrases which have put me off as much as 'granddad porn') but good for him, and I hope you enjoy.

    1. I'm unsurprised at that reaction, Moira.....but maybe a positive review of some GP will have you reaching for your purse.....
      He certainly seems a character,

  3. Col, I like the philosophy behind his stories. "Paul Carter is a Dead Man" looks more interesting of the two.

    1. I'm leaning towards Strangers myself, but I have been told Paul Carter is very good and the second one.....name escapes me..... is better

    2. Ben Turner is a dead man...

  4. My favourite books; can't wait to see your thoughts on them. Thank you for this you have inspired me to re read my Bracha library (AGAIN).

    1. Katrina thanks for stopping by and commenting. Ben Turner....I should have remembered! I'm minded to shift them up the pile a bit because of your enthusiasm for them!