Tuesday, 3 December 2013


In addition to my reading I managed to squeeze a few films into the month.

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. My kids had seen this at school, so I think my wife and I were possibly the last two people on the planet to see this. Moving, haunting, horrifying.......not much else to say. I will also read the book at some point.

Tell No One A French adaptation of a Harlan Coben book I have read. Really enjoyable, slightly off-putting reading subtitles whilst watching, but don’t ever let it be said that men can’t multi-task.

Livide   Another French subtitled film, watched at the beginning of the month, while the children were still in Halloween mode. Horror genre – not the worst thing I’ve ever seen but not the best either.

Saving Mr Banks Tom Hanks again and so soon after watching Captain Phillips, but whose going to turn down free tickets? A night out for me and my better half, enjoyable and interesting but not the best film I’ve ever seen either. I thought Colin Farrell was excellent, but was he stretched in that role, maybe not.

16 Blocs  You can’t beat a bit of Bruce, first viewing for me and really enjoyable. Don’t know who the other main man was, but he was pretty watchable also, even if the inflection in his voice kind of irritated by the end of the film.

Justice Nicolas Cage and Guy Pearce – who seems to have come a long way from his Aussie soap days. Only half-watched this as I was reading at the time. By the time I did pay attention it was almost over. My loss as it seemed very good.

Rush Hour  Seen loads of times before, so 1 eye on the screen, 1 eye in a book.

Rush Hour  2 Ditto above.

Piggy  British vigilante type movie, which was only half-watched – as we started dozing off (ok it was me the rest of the gang were ok) more due to tiredness than the quality of the movie. Hopefully we will finish it this month.

Christmas films..............head in book time!

A Grandpa for Christmas  On but ignored.
Single Santa, Seeks Mrs Claus  On but ignored.

Others Yes there were, but I have banished them from my memory bank.

Mrs Miracle Not yet, but I’m worried!

As a man who prides himself as being as Christmassy as the next guy......ho ho ho and all that.......there are limits to my festive cheer. How many times can you sit through Steve Guttenburg being Mr Nice Santa before your already tenuous grip on sanity starts dissolving and your brain turns to mush? Well not many more to be truthful.

If Steve didn’t push me over the edge this year, Ernest Borgnine or Grandpa certainly had me teetering on the precipice.

With a sense of impending doom............

We haven’t seen Mrs Miracle yet this year, but I fear it’s only around the corner.  At this point my threads will surely unravel totally. If I make through until January without being reduced to a drooling wreck wearing a diaper (not a pleasant thought) it will be another Christmas miracle!


  1. Tell No-one - that's the one where he suddenly realizes something and is running and running with U2 in the background, is that right? I LOVE that scene, though don't honestly remember much else about the film, or even the book, which I have read... but think that scene is one of the best lightbulb moments ever.

    1. Just checked the soundtrack for the film and U2 are in there - "With or Without You" - probably more of an iconic moment for you than me TBH.

      I used to be a fan, before Bono tried to re-invent himself as a world statesman whilst dodging paying his tax, particularly at a time when Ireland could have done with his contribution. It's never a nice feeling when your heroes let you down.

  2. Col - Ah, yes, who can say 'no' to some 'Bruce juice?' Glad you enjoyed that one. And don't get me started on the Santa films....

    1. I do like some Bruce, Margot.
      Santa films in moderation I can live with....but back to back......hmm....don't tell the family!

  3. Col, you saw better films than I did. For instance, I didn't know about Tom Hanks' "Saving Mr. Banks," so that's definitely on my list. I'm quite tired of the Jackie Chan-Chris Tucker combo. Their films are a permanent fixture on cable, often spoiling weekend viewing. "A Grandpa for Christmas" is one of Borgnine's last films, I assume, but it's one I haven't seen either. Thanks, Col.

    1. Prashant, I don't mind Jackie Chan to be honest, but they are all a bit similar. There were a couple with Owen Wilson that I enjoyed - a Shanghai - theme I believe.
      Christmas films are the order of the day on weekend afternoons and evenings - I don't mind really, as long as the rest of the family are happy.
      The Hanks film is based on the true story of Disney trying and failing and trying again to acquire the rights to Mary Poppins from the author.

  4. Col, We loved Tell No One and Rush Hour. Rush Hour 2 and 16 Blocks also very good. Bruce Willis is a favorite. How can you watch and read? I can look at a newspaper or peruse a magazine, but really read a book and get what's going on? Not me.

    You saw a lot of movies last month. Even if you count Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes, I don't think we came close. We did see Star Trek Into Darkness last night finally.

    1. Tracy, some times my brain allows me to do two things at once - not often though. Usually it's read or watch, but with the likes of Rush Hour which I have seen before its easy dipping in and out. Perhaps also some books can be less intense so I don't have to think about every sentence - if that makes sense.
      I can't say I was ever a massive Star Trek fan to be honest, so I haven't heard of this one.