Tuesday, 1 October 2013


September was a decent month's reading for me. I managed 11 books in total which was up on August. I kept pace with my Scandinavian reading challenge and managed to make up for the lack of an Award winning book last month with two this time around. Funny enough the 2 Award winners scored lowest on my unscientific scoreboard - both 3's for me, which usually means okay, satisfying but not overly impressive.

I didn't finish my Goodreads group choice of the month, but I'm over halfway and won't beat myself up over it. Of the 11 books I read, 8 were new authors to me and all were satisfying reads. 3 females read in the month which is probably high for me.....hey I'm working on it ok?

Two contenders for books of the month and I'm unable to split them. Both featured Nazis/Nazism as a theme or back-drop to the stories.

Reads of the month - Peter Leonard - son of Elmore - Back From The Dead and J. Sydney Jones - Ruin Value.

Jess Walter - Beautiful Ruins (4)

Kirk Kjeldsen -Tomorrow City (4)

E. Michael Helms -  Deadly Catch (4)

Sarah Brannan - Noah's Rainy Day (4)

Carolyn Hart - Death By Surprise (4)

Bill James - Noose (4)

J. Sydney Jones - Ruin Value (5)

Joe R. Lansdale - The Thicket (4)

Peter Leonard - Back From The Dead  (5)

Nicolas Freeling - The King Of The Rainy Country (3)

Karin Alvtegen - Missing (3)

I also managed to watch some decent films with the family, so I wasn't totally anti-social!

September Films

I also completed the Crime Fiction Alphabet Journey for the year.


  1. Col - You did have a solid reading month. It's good to know you had the pleasant chore of having to choose between two excellent reads for your pick of the month, rather than scrounge for one. And well done on completing the Crime Fiction Alphabet meme.

    1. Cheers Margot - hopefully more of the same in October!

  2. Testing....I wrote out a comment and it disappeared again. I don't know if it's logging me out or what. I shall join you in reading Jim Thompson's The Rip-Off. I think I have that one. I was saying that you've been so busy with reading that I am having to play catch-up with you. I am anxious to read Ruin Value. That sounds like a terrific read.

    Edited to add: yep, it's logging me out after I post a comment. I need to pay more attention to that. *shakes fist at Blogger*

    1. Keishon, I've just finished the Thompson. Hope you enjoy it when it's your turn.
      Not sure if "blogger" is playing up or not, there was something similar maybe a ,month ago and it sort of went away by itself??????

  3. Col, how do you have access to a variety of books like these? I am not a member of any library (because I wouldn't have the time to visit) and I don't buy new books because I already have enough old books (pre-2000 and even earlier) to read. But I am aware that I am missing out on a lot of good authors like the ones you read.

    1. Prashant, I suppose I'm a bit obsessed about books really. I have always loved reading and have probably been acquiring books since the late 80's. I shudder to think how many I have. I never used to part with anything once I read it, but I have realised that just isn't practical anymore.
      I buy secondhand from charity shops, car boot sales, I swap books on a website over here, plus I shop secondhand on-line.
      I have decided though ( whether I stick to it remains to be seen) that when I hit 50 - later this month I will stop buying and swapping books and concentrate on those I already have on the basis that if I have 25 years left on the planet I might have sufficient books if I stick to 100 a year reading target. My wife despairs at the number I have - I'm a bit like Imelda Marcos only my obsession isn't shoes! If people want to send me books after I'm 50 - I will still be happy to find a home for them! The number I have isn't rational really - I mean why do I go to the library and check something out, when I have that many already? Difficult to explain in the cold light of day.

    2. Col, I narrowed down my book purchases too. I picked up only two in the past six months. I was buying more than I was reading. Perhaps, we should turn our collections into a library.

    3. 2 in 6 months - I envy your will-power! Crunch-time comes later this month!

      I'd be happy if anyone wants to read what I have, but I think my tastes don't very often overlap with the rest of the household!

  4. 11 books? Wow!

    1. Sarah thanks - I was aiming higher, but hey.....