Sunday, 6 October 2013


My 3rd quarter this year, saw me read 29 books in total of which 16 were authors that were new to me.
Eva Peron

In total so far I have read 111 books up until the end of September and 47 have been newbies.

There were 3 books that blew me away and I will be interested in reading more in the future from Gregory Widen, J. Sydney Jones and Peter Leonard.

Joseph Hansen's series with his gay insurance investigator, Dave Brandstetter will be revisited at some point in the future, when I finish a couple of the series that I started earlier this year and abandoned a few months ago.

David Mark's 2nd book awaits me and the 1st is recommended.

Kjeldsen and Helms were debut authors that I would be interested in following in the future.

Nothing really disappointed, but some were obviously better than others.

The full list of new authors and titles follows.

Nuremberg, 1945
Joseph Hansen - Fadeout (1970) (4)

Stanley Ellin - Mirror, Mirror On The Wall (1972) (4)

Alan Bennett -  Smut (2011) (3)

Belinda Bauer - Blacklands (2009) (4)

Jake Hinkson - Hell On Church Street (2011) (4)

Gregory Widen - Blood Makes Noise (2013) (5)

David Mark - Dark Winter (4)

Wayne Epperson - Chasing Bad Guys (3)

Kirk Kjeldsen -Tomorrow City (4)
Nasty Nazi!

E. Michael Helms -  Deadly Catch (4)

Sarah Brannan - Noah's Rainy Day (4)

Carolyn Hart - Death By Surprise (4)

J. Sydney Jones - Ruin Value (5)

Peter Leonard - Back From The Dead  (5)

Nicolas Freeling - The King Of The Rainy Country (3)

Karin Alvtegen - Missing (3)

Florida Dang!

Shanghai surprise!

Murder in Hull!

Kerrie at Mysteries in Paradise is collating other bloggers crime fiction finds for the 3rd quarter over here. It's well worth a visit to pick up some more reading recommendations.


  1. Col, a most impressive tally and list of books read. How quickly do you read? My average is four to five days for a 250-page book.

    1. Prashant, I think I try and aim for 100 pages a day on average, which isn't always possible. Yesterday, I sat down after some gardening in the morning and read 300-odd pages from lunchtime until the evening, with a few minor distractions.......making drinks, popping to the shops etc.

      I do read quickly, which is just as well!

  2. Interesting list of new authors. One of the books I found at the book sale was the first David Brandstetter novel, Fadeout. Very happy about that. So I will start reading that series next year. Glen just ordered the new book by J. Sydney Jones.

    1. Tracy, I hope to get some of the series I started this year finished, then Hansen's Brandstetter should follow afterwards. Fadeout was really enjoyable. Hopefully the J. Sydney Jones is up Glen's street!

  3. I'm impressed that your percentage of New To Me is so high - it shows you keep an open mind!

    1. Probably not too many cozies among the NTM's but I may be trying a softer approach to some of my reading.
      Rumour has it, that I may have bought a Sarah Caudwell book or two, before the wallet clamped shut on the acquisitions!