Monday 1 April 2019


A couple from Australian author, Andrew Patterson this week.

Patterson is a former police officer.

From his website biography.....

A. B. Patterson is an award-winning Australian writer who knows first-hand about corruption, power, crime and sex.  He was a Detective Sergeant in the WA Police, working in paedophilia and vice, and later he was a Chief Investigator with the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption.

His mission statement is......

Corruption, crime, sex and politics ...
… Read on!

As an author I want to entertain you with vices aplenty, and a few virtues in the fray!

All these salacious facets of human life are part of our everyday, for better or for worse, and they should be put on the record. As a writer I want to give you stories you will love reading.

Crime writing and the detective genre are well-established forms. What I want to bring to the genre is the distillation of all my life experiences in the form of entertaining fiction.  As a former police officer, former detective, and former corruption investigator, observing the most colourful manifestations of human vice and desire has given me a unique and rich source of inspiration. We humans have always loved a good story, so join me and read on.    

Sounds like he's my kind of author.

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Harry's World (2015)

PI Harry Kenmare is a prehistoric private detective in an unfriendly and infinitely unjust modern world.

His life revolves around drinking, fine food, smoking, and fast women, preferably the ones he has to pay for, in cash. So what better CV for trawling through Sydney’s corrupt social and political elites, who cravenly chase power and wealth behind veneers of respectability.

In this collection of seedy episodes, Harry is a dinosaur on a mission of justice, looking to shatter the hypocritical façades. And the rules don’t always apply.

Join Harry in the jungle of 21st century Port Jackson, where little is as it seems and none of it is pretty. Except, of course, those gorgeous by the hour girls.

Harry's Quest (2018)

PI Harry Kenmare is back, with a visceral lust for vengeance.

Sydney's elite and powerful are awash in corruption, like rats sunning themselves in an open sewer. And so, in these sordid episodes, Harry's business is as busy as ever.

All the better, then, to finance Harry's quest: the hunting down of the paedophiles who raped and murdered his little Orla. No qualms, no limits, no rules - just pure bloody revenge.

And now he has a team. Join Harry, with his gritty charm and vices, the loyal and dependable Trev, and those smart temptress twins, Tanya and Sasha, as they pursue Harry's quarry, and deal with demons of their own.

Hold on tight for another hard-boiled, noir, and very sexy ride!


  1. With the author's impressive background in crime investigation, these can't be anything but good. But "a prehistoric private detective"? That's a new one for me.

    1. Ha, I'll give you Patterson's definition of prehistoric when I've read one!

  2. I'll bet these books really have an authentic feel. Col. It sounds as though the author has quite a background in law enforcement I'll be interested in what you think of these - a bit grittier than I generally go when I read, but they do sound interesting.

    1. Cheers Margot. Hopefully you might be tempted when I report back after reading.

  3. I will wait and see what you think, after you read them. They might be too much for me. I like the covers.

    1. They are great covers. Hopefully you'll be tempted after I read and reviewed one or both.