Saturday 4 January 2014


The last quarter of the year saw me read 45 books, novellas, stories of which a healthy 29 were authors previously ignored.

October saw 14 books read with 8 new authors for me.

November saw 20 books read introducing 13 new guys. I had previously read a collaborative novel co-authored by Collin Wilcox and Bill Pronzini, but this was my first taste of Wilcox on his own, so I am counting him.

December saw 11 books read, of which 8 of the authors were previously untried.
Standouts - Malcolm Mackay, John BassoffJohn Florio, J.W. Nelson, Wiley Cash

Other notables - Susan Koefod, Barry Lancet, Thatcher Robinson, Mark Pryor, Roger A. Price, Gregory McDonald
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Malcolm Mackay - The Necessary Death Of Lewis Winter (5)

Liam McIlvanney - Where The Dead Men Go  (4)

Mark Curtis - Unpeople (3)

Michael Robotham - Bombproof (4)

Thatcher Robinson - White Ginger (4)

Jason J.R, Gaskell - Darkling Light (4)

James W. Ziskin - Styx & Stone (4)

Luke Preston - Dark City Blue (3)
Susan Koefod - Washed Up (4)

James Reasoner - Dust Devils (4)

Jose Angel N. - Illegal;Reflections Of An Undocumented Immigrant (3)

Jon Bassoff - Corrosion (5)

Theodore A. Tinsley - Jerry Tracy, Celebrity Reporter (4)

Mark Pryor - The Bookseller (4)

J.W. Nelson - Joey's Place (5)

Margot Kinberg ed. - In A Word; Murder (3)

John Florio - Sugar Pop Moon (5)

Collin Wilcox - The Lonely Hunter (4)

Barry Lancet - Japantown (4)

Stephen Jay Schwartz - Crossing The Line (4)

Ben Solomon - Le Blanc, Grigio, Von Runck (3)
Leif Davidsen - Lime's Photograph (4)

Andrew Peters - Subtraction (4)

Daniel Curzon - Halfway To The Stars (4)

Roger A. Price - By Their Rules (4)

P.D. Viner - The Sad Man (4)

Hallgrimur Helgason - The Hitman's Guide to Housecleaning (3)

Wiley Cash - This Dark Road to Mercy (5)

Gregory McDonald - Fletch (4)

Hopefully I will discover more new and exciting authors in 2014!


  1. Bernadette (Reactions to Reading) said....."Couldn't seem to leave a comment at the blog Col (blogger kept eating it) but this is what I tried to say...Impressive numbers Col...I've only read one of your standout authors but I too loved Wiley Cash when I discovered him. There's a few more on your list that I'm keen to try...just got to find the time" - Bernadette

    1. Bernadette thanks- Wiley Cash's first book will be read soon, I hope!

  2. Col - You've got such a nice variety here! I'm impressed with that and I"m glad you found so many good 'uns.

    1. Margot thank you. Maybe not so many in 2014.

  3. Again, I'm impressed by your reading so many new authors (most of them unknown to me) - good for you, it shows a great openness to the world! How many of your tbr pile would you estimate are new-to-you authors?

    1. Moira, thanks. Of recent books and I have acquired a lot in the past couple of years maybe 40% would be new-to-me authors. My older books are typically , favourite authors, that I had aspirations of reading my way through their body of work.

  4. So many books and so many new authors in the last quarter. We are interested in your top pick for sure, but waiting to see if comes out in US. I will try White Ginger some time too.

    1. Tracy, cheers - White Ginger is worth a look in my opinion. Mackay, too if he appears in the US!

  5. Wow! That's a lot of books in a short time! Lots of good ones too!

    1. Peggy Ann, thank you. Hopefully I can keep my momentum in 2014!

  6. Hopefully, I'll discover new authors with you, Col. Your impressive numbers are prompting me to raise the bar for books I read every month.

    1. Prashant, good for you. I sort of feel if I'm not reading, I'm wasting time........I might need to adjust my work-life-play balance as there is a lot more to things than just reading. I DO LOVE IT THOUGH!