Wednesday 31 July 2013


10 books read in the month which is probably the minimum I aim for. 6 of the books were new authors to me, 6 heralded from the US, with 2 from the UK, 1 from Norway and 1 from Ireland. I kept up to date on my Scandinavian and Award winner challenges I set myself, plus I also managed to read my Goodreads monthly book choice. I only got back to one of my series reads, so with a blank couple of months on that front, part of me thinks I have abandoned them for good, but I will see how I go this month.

Nothing stank for me this month, a few averagely enjoyable reads and the majority were above average.
Only 1 stand out book this month and it was the last thing I read - Gregory Widen's Blood Makes Noise, my choice for my book of the month.

Full list of the July reads below, with my rating from 5 after them.

Bill Pronzini - Blowback (1977) (4)

Joseph Hansen - Fadeout (1970) (4)

Stanley Ellin - Mirror, Mirror On The Wall (1972) (4)

Alan Bennett -  Smut (2011) (3)

Jo Nesbo - Headhunters (2011) (3)

Belinda Bauer - Blacklands (2009) (4)

Harlan Coben -  No Second Chance (2003) (3)

Jake Hinkson - Hell On Church Street (2011) (4)

Gerard Brennan - Possession, Obsession And A Diesel Compression Engine (2008) (4)

Gregory Widen - Blood Makes Noise (2013) (5)


  1. Some of the authors like Pronzini, Ellin, and Nesbo are already on my list of first-time reads. Getting to their books is what remains.

    1. Prashant, thanks. you're right there just isn't enough time to read everything on the pile! Maybe if I read more and blogged or blog-surfed less that would give me a better chance, but I don't think that will happen!

    2. Col, I read a decent amount of literature during the month including books, comics, newspapers, journals, and magazines, the last three mostly online, but have little time to review or write about them. I'm hoping to increase my own book reviews this month onward.

    3. Prashant, I'd be interested to see you post more, as it is nice to get a perspective from the other side of the world. Time's a precious commodity though. Good luck for August!

  2. Col - It's good to hear that you had no 'standout as awful' books. And you've a decent variety of books in your list too. Thanks for the reminder that I should read Blood Makes Noise.

    1. Margot cheers. Nothing much to complain about this month! Blood Makes Noise is well worth a look if you happen to come across it.

  3. This is a really varied group of books. I really want to read Blood Makes Noise but I have to wait a while to buy more books.

    I have only read (roughly) 14 books set in the US this year.

    1. I would guess 50% of mine or more are US authored or partly set there. Is it a US book if the author hails from there, but it's set elsewhere? My first Nesbo (Norway) was set in Australia! I think I go on author nationality.
      I think I'm looking forward to your September sales, almost as much as you are!

  4. A cracking list, Col. You've read a lot this month!