Monday, 31 December 2012


10 books this month, bringing the yearly total to 121, I think -  and the target of 100 for the year was surpassed. Might have to set myself more of a challenge next year -  at least my 3 year total is back upto 300-odd after a disappointing 77 last year.

Mixed bag month really, Guterson, Porup, Fante and Smith all fairly good, no - very good.

Coben, Mills and Everett, not too bad in an okay, averagely reasonable sort of way.

Cleave and Stevens - the 2 least enjoyable. Perhaps if they banged heads, they might make a decent book between them.

Lou Berney -  smashed it out of the park, to coin a phrase, top banana and a highlight of the month.

Full list read in December was.........

David Guterson - Snow Falling On Cedars (1994) (4)

Dan Fante - Corksucker (2005) (4)

Chris Cleave - The Other Hand (2008) (3)

Chevy Stevens - Never Knowing (2011) (2)

J. M. Porup - The Second Bat Guano War (2012) (4)

Aidan Smith - Heartfelt (2006) (4)

Harlan Coben - Tell No One (2001) (3)

Lou Berney - Gutshot Straight (2009) (5)

Mark Oliver Everett - Things The Grandchildren Should Know (2007) (4)

Sgt Dan Mills - Sniper One (2007) (3)

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