Friday, 28 December 2012


A lifelong Hibs fan takes on the challenge that TV's Faking It and Wifeswap were too scared to even contemplate as he tries to follow his team's hated rivals Hearts for an entire season. With gritty realism and riveting detail, Aidan Smith demonstrates the importance of loyalty in being a fan. Going undercover, he swaps his colours, drinks in rivals' pubs and even sings their songs, trying to get under the skin of the opposition. His personal accounts of match days with his father and his affectionate appreciation of fan culture are as absorbing and insightful as Gary Imlach's 'My Father and Other Working-Class Football Heroes'. Like Imlach's book, 'Heartfelt' reveals the source of a fan's passion for their team and is a must-read for every football fan dedicated to the beautiful game.

Having been a season ticket holder at Luton from about 1977 until the early 2000’s, and remembering the love and passion I had for the club at the time, I can imagine the pain I would have felt if I had to watch arch rivals Watford for a season.

An enjoyable book, well-written. Interesting to see how Smith’s feelings towards Hearts evolve over the season. Not an experiment I’d want to participate in myself though.

4 from 5

I got my copy a couple of years ago in a charity shop, if memory serves me well.

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