Saturday 19 February 2022



Thirteen tales of Darlene Bobich!
The prequel to the successful "Dying Days" zombie novella
Includes a free preview of "Dying Days"

Fancying something a bit different I listened to this prequel offering to Armand Rosamillia's Dying Days series.

Zombie action, a strong and feisty female, a crumbling civilisation, loss, grief, strength, constant travel, close scrapes, danger, attack, death, sexually active undead, violence, 

I enjoyed reading something different to my norm and I'll read more in the series in the future, as I have a few in the Audible library. I'm not too sure how far you can take the story without endless repetition of attack, repel, attack, repel, repeat. I would have liked some explanation for the present state of affairs.

More to like than not and it did what it was supposed to - it entertained and took me away to another world for a few hours, in the company of a main character who I was rooting for.

3 from 5

Dying Days, the episode which comes after this was enjoyed a month before this one.

Read - (listened to) December, 2021
Published - 2012
Page count - approx 75 (2 hrs 32 mins)
Source - purchased copy
Format - Audible


  1. I always appreciate it, Col, when a story does what it says on the tin. So much better than being let down. This one would be a real departure for me, too, from what I'm accustomed to reading. But that's not necessarily a bad thing, and I'm glad you found more to like than not like here.

    1. Margot, there's always something about this author's work that I like. He's written many different kinds of books.