Monday 28 February 2022




Joe Hansom knew what his purpose in life was and he was good at it. Others speculated that if Hansom was on your trail he’d "hand some death out to you." Over the years that had been shortened up and Joe was now known over a large distance as "the hands of death."

A short novella enjoyed over the course of a lunchtime and another notch on the scoreboard, chalking up one more towards the yearly reading target.

A Western tale, a bounty hunter for a main character with one particular target in mind. We get Joe Hansom's back story, his unhappy childhood, his previous career as a surveyor's assistant, to present day role as a feared hunter of men.

In this busy tale, he attempts to deliver a baby and care for its mother, tend to her sister and her wounded flesh, survive an arson attack and a violent encounter with his quarry, Sutton (I think!) and capture himself a bride without hardly noticing.

Action, story, character, humour and outcome. A definite winner of a tale, complimented by the awesome narration by my favourite speaker of words, Theo Holland.

4.5 stars from 5

Definitely an author to try more from in the future. Hopefully another Hansom tale still pursuing his target.

Read – (listened to) February, 2022 
Published – 2017
Page count – 40 (0 hrs 54 mins)
Source – Audible purchase
Format - Audible


  1. There's something about the West as a setting, isn't there, Col? And this sounds like an action-packed story with some interesting characters. It sounds as though Hansom is a well-developed character, which is a bit tricky in a novella, so I'm glad he turned out to be fairly three-dimensional. Good to know you liked it, Col.

    1. Margot, I really liked this. I was surprised by how much.