Saturday, 17 October 2015


Bit late posting my monthly round-ups, but hey so what.

11 books read in the month..... see below,

Verge Le Noir - Shell Casings (2014) (4.5)

Adam Howe - Gator Bait (2015) (4.5)

Benedict J. Jones - Skewered and Other London Cruelties (2014) (5)

Pierre Boileau/ Thomas Narcejac - Vertigo (1954) (4.5)

Benedict J. Jones - The Book of Skin (2015) (4.5)

Benedict J. Jones - Pennies for Charon (2014) (5)

Ed McBain - Guns (1976) (4.5)

Mark Pryor - The Blood Promise (2014) (3.5)

Eryk Pruitt - Hashtag (2015) (4.5)

Bill Pronzini - Scattershot (1982) (4)

Max Allan Collins - Scratch Fever (1982) (4)

A bit of useless data..........

11 reads from 9 different authors, counting double act Boileau-Narcejac as a single entity.
4 of the 9 were new-to-me authors.

2 of the 11 were 5 star reads and 6 were 4.5's (a new category for me – self-explanatory), 2 were 4s and 1 was a 3.5. All enjoyed, not a stinker among them.

Both my 5 star reads (and 1 of the 4.5s) came from the same dude – Benedict J. Jones

On balance I slightly favour the novel Pennies for Charon over the shorter offerings in Skewered and Other London Cruelties – though the latter does display his versatility and ability to entertain across genres.  Sex, violence, torture – among some of the difficult topics explored, but a main character in Charlie Constaniou with heart and several other notable attributes.

September’s Book of the Month – Pennies for Charon by Benedict J. Jones!  

9 of the 9 authors read were male. No females. Oops - radical gender imbalance alert! (Deja-vous I fear)

Cover of the month! Hashtag by Eryk Pruitt

5 of the 9 authors hail from the US. 3 from England, though one now resides in the US, 1 from France (or 2 halves if you like).

1 book from the 50s, 1 from the 70s, 2 from the 80s, 6 from last year and 2 from 2015.

All 11 were fiction.  7 novels, 2 collection of short stories and 2 short stories/novellas standing on their own.

5 ½ books were sent to me by the authors (or publicists/publishers on their behalf) – cheers!

3 ½ were bought. (Skewered was bought a year or two ago and when republished by Crime Wave Press contained additional stories that my copy didn’t have. Ben Jones was kind enough to forward me a complete PDF.)

1 was accessed via Edelweiss review site (courtesy of publisher 280 Steps),

1 was a free download at Smashwords

5 were paperbacks, 4 ½ were Kindle reads and 1 ½ were PDFs .

Total page count - 1989


  1. Col, you've had a wonderful reading month. Why am I not surprised!

    1. Prashant thanks. October's been a bit slower!

  2. Good Reading Col. Would you mind going over to Mysteries in Paradise and adding your link to Pick of the Month. I cant work out how to copy and paste using my iPad. Thanks Kerrie

    1. Kerrie, thanks. No problem - I'm on my way!

  3. You had a good reading month, Col. Impressive that roughly half were new-to-you authors. I like the cover of hashtag, myself, and can see why you chose it.

    1. Margot I do like to try newbies, which is probably why my TBR is so large, its hard to say NO!

  4. Great haul, and I really like reading the statistics.

    1. October shouldn't take long to pull together, I've slowed down!

  5. Glad to hear you enjoyed yourself! The one I'd plump for would be of course the McBain.

    1. I should read more from him soon...soon being in the next 12 months!

  6. You did well this month. Most of the books you read were 4.5 or above. And you found a new author you really like.

    1. Jones was definitely a great find for me Tracy. October so far hasn't been as good or as prolific!