Friday 3 June 2016


Quite possibly the worst month's reading numbers-wise since records began (2010) - 4 books read in the month, as apathy and lethargy reigned supreme. In a continuation of that prevailing mood, I can't be bothered to check and who cares anyway.

On a more positive note the 4 books I did read, I enjoyed.
They were....

Nick Spill - The Jaded Kiwi (2016) (4)

J. B. Kohl/Eric Beetner - Over Their Heads (2015) (4.5)

T. F. Muir - Blood Torment (2016) (5)

Larry D. Sweazy - See Also Deception (2016) (4)

Of the 4.......

4 were new-to-me authors (attributing 1pt each to Beetner and Kohl), Sweazy has been enjoyed before.

3 hail from the US, (or at least I think they do - again too lazy to double-check), 1 from Scotland, 1 from England,

1 hardback, 2 paperbacks and a Kindle read,

2 were series books, though undoubtedly could be read as standalones.

I've now read both Marjorie Trumaine books from Larry D. Sweazy.

Blood Torment from Frank Muir is the 6th in his DI Gilchrist series and my first taste. If time was infinite and money no object, I'd probably go back and read the previous 5.

Nothing vintage here - all 4 from this decade, 3 this year!

1 title was bought - actually in the same month, 2 copies came from publishers and 1 from the author himself.

No stinkers - 2 x 4 STAR reads, 1 x 4.5 and the most enjoyable read in the month and the 5 STAR pick.......

Blood Torment from T. F. Muir!

Favourite cover? the one most likely to give me pause and make me pick it up if I saw them all on a table......tough, as none are particularly striking in my opinion. By a short-head....

Kohl and Beetner's - Over Their Heads!

4 male authors, 1 female - J.B. Kohl

Would I read more from all the authors in the future? (Usually a benchmark for how much I've enjoyed a book.)

T. F. Muir - possibly yes, if I crossed paths with him.

Nick Spill - probably not - too many other authors on the piles

Eric Beetner - yes, stacks on the piles already.

J.B. Kohl - possibly, I may have other collaborative efforts with Beetner already waiting

Larry D. Sweazy - yes - A Thousand Falling Crows waits for me.


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed the books that you did read, Col, even though you were having one of those 'low in energy' months. And you 'met' a new-to-you-author, too. I'd say that's not bad.

    1. Thanks Margot - low on numbers, but high on enjoyment nevertheless - so could have been worse.
      Hopefully June will be a bit more productive!

  2. Sorry to hear the apathy's still lingering -- fingers crossed the mood passes soon.

    1. I think I've shaken it off now thanks. The last book in May I caned over 100 pages on the last day, and June hasn't started too badly! Should clock up number 1 later today!

  3. I still have to read Larry D. Sweazy — I'm looking forward to it.

    1. Prashant, I think you will enjoy his work.

  4. Could be worse, four's not that bad a number, even if you are used to higher! I would definitely read the second Sweazy (I keep wanting to call him 'Sweary') book, I enjoyed the first. You haven't reviewed it have you? Will you?

    1. I'll ping it to you when I've cobbled some thoughts together. I haven't penned anything on any books I've read in the past three months. I've caught up on my "miscellaneous" month end posts, so will turn my attention to that over the next few weeks. Only 18 outstanding! Should be on top of things by the end of July.

  5. Glad that you liked the Muir books, since I have 2 of those, unread. I am looking forward to reading See Also Deception which is coming in the mail this week. but I probably won't get to it until July.

    1. I came across an earlier one in the series at the weekend and resisted the urge to buy a cheap (£1) copy. I'm trying to cut back! (Seriously)