Saturday, 2 August 2014



Product Description

A hard boiled suspense thriller quick read from a prize winning British crime fiction writer.

Taxi driver, Dave Morrison, has been driving round London all day, picking up random fares, praying they will distract him from the terrible event he has to confront tomorrow morning.

When he finally parks up for the night and is approached by two men in an unlit backstreet, his prayers are answered. Unfortunately for Dave, their brand of distraction could prove fatal.

In a frightening case of mistaken identity, Dave finds himself caught up in the middle of gang wars, an innocent victim in the seedy world of drugs and crime.

A violent short story in the noir crime tradition, The Last Ride will leave you feeling disturbed and decidedly grateful that what happens to Dave could never happen to you.

Or could it?

Praise for The Last Ride

"A good, short, easy read with credible characters and graphic narrative"

"A very well told short story. The character is fleshed well in the few short clicks of this tale"

"Pleasantly surprised at the depth a character can have in a few short pages"

Praise for Eva Hudson

"A brilliantly-paced thriller... Perfectly balanced between character and plot. Very gripping and suspenseful" - Sophie Hannah

"It immediately draws you in... there's suspense right from the beginning" - Penny Smith

"Great dialogue" - Mark Billingham

Surprise, surprise, I’m padding my July reading figures with another short piece. This time it’s an Eva Hudson story acquired as a freebie on Amazon UK.

London, taxis, drugs, a beating and revenge. 20-odd pages, job done.

Gritty and satisfying and enough there to warrant me reading more from the author in future. A couple of her longer offerings are waiting on the pile already.

Eva Hudson’s website is here.

4 from 5

Acquired free on Amazon UK kindle  


  1. Col - Taxis and taxi drivers are a great premise for a story like this. Glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Interesting, but you know how I feel about short stories. I have read one book by Hudson (The Loyal Servant), and I liked it a lot. I have two other novels by her on my Kindle and I will get to those eventually too.

    1. Tracy - I have The Loyal Servant and one other. Glad to hear it is enjoyable.

  3. Yet another new-to-me author. I'd be more likely to consider a longer piece, so you'd better get on to one! She looks so un-noir-ish in her photo. Appearances deceptive...

    1. I think The Loyal Servant will be first - espionage-ish which might appeal.

  4. Col, short stories and short fiction add that extra flavour to one's reading. Glad you liked Eva Hudson's story.

    1. Prashant, cheers - another interesting author to read more by in future.