Sunday 28 February 2021


Synopsis/blurb ....

Angela Tamanaka, called Angel by friend and client alike, is a beautiful young prostitute working for an escort agency in Manhattan.

Leonard Csrter is ex-Special Forces and has been living off the grid ever since he returned from overseas to work as a hit-man.

Their two worlds collide when Angela witnesses Leonard executing one of her clients, who also happens to be a high-profile gangster, and they soon form an unusual alliance as they take on one of New York's toughest crime organisations.

Just before he died, Angel's client hinted at a large sum of money hidden in a safe house. For Angel, it will provide an escape to a new life - but can she trust Leonard? And can they get to the stash before the gang track them down...?

BOOM! My kind of book....... a hit man, an escort, the mob, money, a drugs deal, a life off the grid, back-story, a cop, revenge, family friction, bereavement, military service, a robbery plan, the man in the middle, dreams and ambitions, trust or betrayal.

Fast-paced, decent storyline, New York setting, interesting characters, shifting relationship dynamics, a plot I was fully invested in to see how it all worked out, satisfying ending. I do find criminal sorts more interesting fodder than law abiding citizens. A perfect length.

5 from 5

When Solomita is on form there's no one better.

Solomita has been enjoyed before, probably not as often as he deserves..... Keeplock (as David Cray), Dancer in the FlamesThe Striver and The Monkey in the Middle (pre-blog days) 

Read - February, 2021

Published - 2011

Page count - 196

Source - owned copy

Format - hardback


  1. It does indeed sound like your kind of story, Col. I like the pairing of those two particular characters, and the plot sounds fast-paced without being breakneck speed. It sounds like a solid blend of plot events and character development, too.

    1. I think all the stars aligned on this one, Margot.

  2.'s gotta have it. So ticking all boxes indeed :-)

    1. Agreed, it's a critical component of any tale. Thanks for stopping by, June!

  3. This does sound good, although I have had problems in the past with hit man books.

    1. I really liked it. It's hard to say of it would cross amy of your boundaries, for the most part no.