Thursday 25 February 2021




Flagler Beach Florida is quite the small town, eclectic and quirky... and filled with many unique characters.

And JandJ Fitness has more than its share of locals who are enjoying a perfect Sunday in town with exercise and so much more!

The third book in the Flagler Beach Fiction series.

Contemporary Fiction and a fun beach read!

Includes 10 short stories set in JandJ Fitness

Another Audible outing with Armand Rosamilia and a collection of his short stories. He’s written half a dozen or so series of stories set in Flagler Beach, Florida. Each collection is set in and around a local (fictional, I assume) landmark. These 10 concern the owners and customers of J and J Fitness.

No crime or mystery content really, just everyday folks dealing with everyday issues..... dating, attraction, flirting, weight, eating, poor self image,  hangovers, friendship, marital difficulties, employment/unemployment woes, difficult family situations, a professional sports goal
and a serious injury and recuperation.

The married couple - names escape me - offer support, guidance, advice, motivation and inspiration, as required. I really liked the pair. 

Overall, I really enjoyed the collection of tales with some overlapping characters. It was quite uplifting with a sense of community and care at the forefront.

The more I listen to this author's work, the more I enjoy it. 

4 from 5

Belford Stories (1) (non-crime/mystery) and Dirty Deeds (1) (mystery content) have been enjoyed recently.  

Read - (listened to) February, 2021
Published - 2013
Page count - 93 (2 hrs 41 mins)
Source - Audible purchase
Format - Audible


  1. I like it when short story collections have a theme, or location, or something that binds them together like that, Col. And sometimes, stories of everyday people are the best kind. Glad you enjoyed these.

    1. Margot, thanks I have enjoyed what I've read from Armand Rosamilia. Long may it continue!