Saturday 13 February 2021




His power began in the ancient world, long before you and I were born. He is the master vampire. And he's here. Now.

Imagine a vampire brought back to life by a crazy old man in a sleepy coastal village. Imagine a horror so unspeakable, so threatening, that no one is safe. No one is immune. Now imagine yourself the only person in town who believes the truth, the only person who can halt the terror. Then keep your eyes wide open. Look over your shoulder. Because this isn't your imagination. This is for real.

Sleep only if you dare…

My third time reading Dave Pedneau's work, after previously enjoying APB (crime fiction) and Night, Winter and Death (a werewolf tale). How Dear the Dawn is a vampire tale. I suppose it's a horror novel with large elements of crime fiction. 

After the initial encounter between the bad guy and the first victim, the police think they have a missing person to track down. Our first victim has joined the ranks of the undead and quite likes her new situation, which has given her an insatiable bloodlust. Cue, a respectable body count, an irritated master - you don't survive to be several hundred years old without operating with some measure of caution and an increasing level of urgency with the police investigation. The police team consists of a grumpy detective and a rookie patrolman who has been roped into the investigation. Along the way the rookie has a relationship going with the best friend of the first victim.

Despite the other wordly nature of the protagonists, I quite liked the set-up and the characters involved. As the crimes increase and the victim count rises, certain witness statements and incidents lead one of the cops to suspect the true nature of what is happening ..... bodies drained of blood, a corpse disappearing from a morgue, etc etc... Typically the lead detective is resistant to this line of thought until such time as he can't ignore the evidence of his own eyes.

Best book ever? No, but I was happy enough to go with the flow. I enjoyed the book via Audible so the fact that I was "reading" while otherwise working made it a win/win situation. I would probably not had read the book if I had a physical or digital copy to read.

I have more of Dave Pedneau's books available to listen to in future. There's a lot worse ways of spending my time.

3 from 5

Read - (listened to) January, 2021

Published - 1987

Page count - 225 (8 hrs 48 mins)

Source - Audible purchase

Format - Audible


  1. I have to admit, Col, this probably wouldn't be for me. I don't go much for the otherworldly element; it does take a lot for me to go along for that sort of ride. Still, I'm glad you found things to like about it, and as always, great review.

    1. Thanks Margot, I can see that iyt probably isn't for you, but it's not one that I regret reading, without over enthusing about it.

  2. Although I usually avoid vampires in fiction, I do have at least two books with vampires in them, but I haven't read them yet. It is interesting to imagine how authors handle this subject matter.

    1. For a lot of this book it kinds of read like a police procedural, just with a different type of criminal.